Straw Purse Watch: Spring is Finally Here!

Photo courtesy: @maria_bernad

Now that Daylight Savings has happened and we’ve passed the official first day of Spring, it’s time to shop for warmer weather! If you don’t already own a nifty little straw purse, take a gander at these babies! We are loving the fun structured shapes and holy huge sizes out this season. These are one-size-fits-all so every bag suits just about every personality type out there. Which one belongs to you?

Straw purse for traveling easy | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sequins and Things

The Structured Straw Purse

My sister has a thing for super structured purses. Once the weather starts to warm up, she busts out a white vintage beauty with a gold clasp. If you like your arm candy to be boxy or on the smaller side, go for a structured straw purse. Perfect if you’re just meeting up with friends and don’t need half your vanity on hand.

Structured straw purse for spring + summer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Who What Wear

One Love

Personally, I love ethnic handbags. The straw purse I am most in love with is structured but has beautiful colors woven in. It’s the idea of the saddle bag, but has skinny straps instead of a leather one. This type of purse is perfect for globe trotting! The easy Bohemian vibe is found in round shapes and styles.

Bohemian straw purse with color weave | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: A Refineria

Round Peg

Speaking of round, some of the best hand bags and beach totes for this season are circular in shape. Try to find an over sized straw purse that is lightweight enough for the beach. Then pack one of our favorite books on minimalism and take a break this weekend! It’s the simple pleasures that give your day the biggest impact.

Round straw purse lightweight beach tote | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Carmen Jones

Girl on the Go!

Another easy type of carry-all are those simple island styles with designs woven across the front. Check out your local island shop on vacation for a large straw purse that can handle a notepad. These are great for baby supplies, tablets, art supplies, whatever! They are super cute and you can add them to a larger tote or just carry one a la cart.

Island style straw purse for baby | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Camille Styles

Update Your Shower Attire

Along with the warmer weather springs bridal showers and baby showers galore. If you have an interesting straw purse, you can get away with a basic summer dress at every event. In case you didn’t realize, we are in LOVE with circles this season! Best way to update a classic.

Round straw purse | Rachel Comey Aleso Bag | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: One of a Few

Little Red Riding Hood

For brunch, farmer’s markets, and vintage shopping; complete the look picnic style! A picnic style straw purse is small and structured, with the flap that opens across the top. Just beware of those nasty wolves vamping it up in granny’s clothing!

Structured straw purse picnic style | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Rouje


Our favorite Etsy shop for straw purses and totes is EllennJames. If you’re looking for a small structured style, or a larger beach tote, they’ve got you covered. Their rattan beauties are right on trend!

Less is More

Our mantra for this month seems to be of the “less is more” variety. We love the simplicity of a straw purse and are sure you will, too. Grab a book and some cash for coffee and treat yourself to some alone time this week. Rejuvenating your soul actually makes you more productive in the long run. Be sure to check out our tips for teens cell phones article and learn how unplugging can boost your own creativity. Finding some peace helps you find betters solutions and allows you to be innovative. A straw bag just makes you look cuter while all of that is happening ;p

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