Coin Necklaces on Trend For French Girl Cool

Coin necklaces summer French girl cool | Girlfriend is Better
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You’ve gotta’ love social media for coining phrases such as “French girl cool”. The combination of effortless style and feminine charm is all in the details! Take a look at how our Paris girlfriends are layering delicate coin necklaces. Keep your messy bed head and espresso in check with a simple gold medallion. Or two.

Coin necklaces layered for French girl cool | Girlfriend is Better
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Coin Necklaces à la Carte

How many tie front tops did we fall in love with this Summer? Instead of layering coin necklaces, stick to one when you’re showing off skin. The trick is to draw a little attention to your decolletage via simplicity. You can add another gold chain or two, but one pendant is more than enough. The tie front should get most of the eye action. Or what’s the point? We love Free People’s Orbit Coin Pendant for how simple it is. You can get it in 14K gold fill or sterling silver and it won’t break the bank!

Tie front top and coin necklaces | Girlfriend is Better
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Nature Divine

If you’re going to pair them with one of our favorite graphic tee looks, look to the heavens. Layering coin necklaces with celestial pendants such as the moon or stars is a stellar choice. Keep the chains short and the neckline low for a dreamy effect. Fantastique!

Layering coin necklaces with celestial pendants | Girlfriend is Better
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Tellement Amusant !

If you love the longer layered variety, add them to strapless accoutrements. We love vintage coin necklaces paired with play suits. Dress up cotton fabrics such as linen or gingham with the expert use of coin. Keep your bag and sandals simple and refined for an extra dose of ooh la la! If you’re on the hunt for the prefect set, hurry to Anthropologie and check out their Etched Coin Pendant Necklace. They are a pair of two necklaces attached as one and there are only a few left in stock!

Gingham play suit with layered coin necklaces | Girlfriend is Better
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Meilleurs Amis

Admittedly, we’ve been on a French girl kick for a greater part of the summer. Coin necklaces are the perfect birthday gift for any BFF. Go shopping at vintage stores together and pick on out for each other. What a fun girl’s date and a perfect excuse to scour a local flea market. Shared experiences with a treasured memento is the perfect way to say “je t’adore”.

Coin necklaces are perfect gifts for best friends | Girlfriend is Better
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Trésor Pirate

If you’re somewhat new to the layering game, never fear. We like coin necklaces to hang lower than the rest of your stash. The weight of the coin feels more balances when it is on the longest chain of the group. Madewell has a variety of layering necklaces that would work great with your coined one-of-a-kind piece. Take a look at their pendants especially, so pretty! Layering doesn’t have to be in precise tiers. Jumble them up for a sexy maximalist feel. Feel free to let clasps show wherever they land. Remember, French girl cool means un peu désordonné.

Messy layered coin necklaces and pendants | Girlfriend is Better
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If you are traveling abroad soon, save your favorite foreign coin as a souvenir. Coin necklaces are a great way to turn loose change from your trip into keepsakes! First clean them with a 15-minute soak in 1/4 c. vinegar and 1 t. salt. Then, go to Kaley’s blog, Live Well Travel Often for a Lucky Penny Necklace DIY. She’ll help you feel comfortable using drill bits on your coins! Add a bail so the coin will lay flat, which you can find at your local Michael’s store easy.

Layered coin necklaces DIY travel souvenirs | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Nordstrom


Capture that Parisian je ne sais quois with ease and simplicity. Coin necklaces are the perfect combination of plain and polished. Adding a hair accessory or a pendant is just the right touch when you’re not in full-blown outfit mode. Always maintain your greatest assets – your femininity and your nonchalance!

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  1. What a great idea for travel souvenirs! Many times you can find coins with open or square centers.

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