Clocks That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

1957 Rev paint Photo by SportSuburban | mid-century modern clocks | Girlfriend is Better
1957 Rev paint | Photo courtesy: SportSuburban

One of the best and easiest ways to add some mid-century charm to your home is with clocks. Pick an amazing design to hang on your wall and you’ve got an instant conversation piece. Sunburst and ball clocks were popularized by George Nelson throughout the 50’s and 60’s. An early environmentalist, his goal was to “do much more with much less.” That’s just what these great clocks accomplish!

Mid-century ball clocks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Interior Likes

Legit: Nelson™ Ball Clock in Natural
Design-wise: DwellStudio Far-out Clock
Save w/ Style: Hans Anderson Home Multi-colored Ball Clock

Sunburst/ Starburst Radiate Joy

If you’ve got a mid-century modern credenza or bar that needs a little pizzazz, look no further than the wood starburst. Starburst clocks instantly assert the style factor of a room. Choose a sunburst style in beautiful teak and if you can find vintage, even better.

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Mid-century modern | Starburst clocks + sunburst clocks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy:

Legit Vintage: Starburst Clock with laminated rays, Vintage 1970’s
Design-wise: MCM Starburst Clock
Save w/ Style: Berde Clock

Clocks That Tick Outside of the Box

You can find a myriad of mid-century clocks that are sexy and unique. George Nelson is still the design standard with sleek shapes and bold colors to fit your fancy. Make an investment in art by adding a geometric timepiece designed by this mid-century modern master. These clocks are timeless and can be handed down to the next generation.

Mid-century modern geometric clocks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Whorange

Legit: Vitra Nelson Triangle Clock
Design-wise: Nye Koncept Furniture Look Clock
Save with Style: Overstock Mid-century Modern Lacy Web Clock

Table + Alarm Clocks Galore

I saved the best for last – the small table and alarm clocks. These remind me of my grandparents’ guest bedrooms and offices. What a perfect gift idea for the man in your life! Stock each bedroom with one, and add one to your desk. So stinkin’ stylish I want to die. Check out my favorite new + vintage finds below. These go quick, so if you like one, jump on it.

Mid-century modern table clocks + alarm clocks | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Dee Adams

1. Hygrometer West Germany Barometer Wood and Brass Clock
2. Admiral Vintage Black Clock Radio
3. Westclox Quartz Electric Cream Alarm Clock
4. Bullitt Alarm Clock in Black Design by Newgate

VIP Date

Whether you’re punctual or chronically late, a clock is still great decor. You know we are against being boring, so jazz up your space with something unique that fits your personality. Every time you look at it, it should bring a smile to your face.

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