Cheery Bedroom Decor to Lift Your Spirits

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Crisp air and busy schedules get us thinking about being in bed a little longer. Stave off the potential for depression with cheery bedroom decor that will nurture your heart and soul. Bedrooms should always feel like safe retreats; with warm and inviting textiles. We found a few fresh examples that will inspire you to make your space an uplifting one.

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Go tropical with vintage prints

While neutral palettes help provide a restful environment, funky patterns can elevate your mood and don’t have to cost a ton. Use vintage prints to jazz up your cheery bedroom decor with large botanical shapes. Tropical jungle decor is a maximalist’s dream come true and can be achieved by infusing animal prints that push the envelope a little.

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Frame your space

If you don’t have a headboard, consider adding moldings in curved shapes that frame your bed using whitespace. A wraparound shape can turn cheery bedroom decor into a Parisian dream getaway. Use natural materials like cane and extend your reach down the wall. If you have herringbone wood flooring then your space is begging for some French zeal.

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Construct a cozy retreat

Be sure to learn more about bedroom Feng Shui so you incorporate good chi into your environment. Add seating to your cheery bedroom decor and be brave with color. Your bedroom should be a place you can retreat to meditate and relax. Bring a trusty romance novel and keep a blanket close by because the nights are just going to keep getting cooler. If you’ve got a vintage papa bear armchair a large blanket can hide any discrepancies.

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Tap into your inner interior designer

Revamping your room doesn’t require any shopping or buying. A little rearranging can create cheery bedroom decor that is both thoughtful and unique to you. Curate a few pieces of art into a gallery wall and move a few decor items in from another room. Use items in varying heights to create visual interest and a neglected treasure will get your renewed attention!

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Why not pillows

Whether you’re a maximalist or minimalist, a few extra throw pillows will never hurt you. The point of creating cheery bedroom decor is to promote joy in a place that can sometimes be dreary. Look for hues in warm tones and use fabrics with soft or silky textures. If you’ve already got the pillows, recover them in mixed prints to freshen them up.

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Lean on linen

If you haven’t learned about the amazing properties of flax, then you are missing out! Flax is a natural fiber that cools down and warms up cheery bedroom decor both literally and figuratively. Move in a friendly monstera plant to promote health and relaxation. If you keep your bedding simple, we suggest dialing up the volume with an area rug that elevates your mood just by looking at it.

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Save therapy dollars

We all know it’s important to take care of ourselves. Cheery bedroom decor helps establish an environment that encourages time outs and positive morning vibes. Make this your sacred space and try to keep negativity and distraction out as much as possible. This will make deep rest more possible and encourages healthy living in general.

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