Parisian Art Deco: Modern Details/ Old World Charm

Parisian art deco | color block living room horseshoe chair modern ceiling light | Girlfriend is Better
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Ahh, Paris. The city is full of art and history inside and out. If traveling to Europe is out of the question, bring a little Parisian art deco to you instead. The interior design trend has seen an upswing the past couple of years and is now fully marinated. Take a look at some of our favorite rooms and learn how to blend old with new like a pro.

Parisian art deco | blue velvet headboard texture bedroom French | Girlfriend is Better
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Parisian Art Deco -dance

One of the hallmarks of this modern style is curves. An easy way to add a little Parisian art deco to a bedroom is with a generously-curved headboard. Follow those same lines as you choose coordinating lighting and end tables. Use our color blocking article as a frame of reference and add a bright pop of color here and there. A small stool or a few throw pillows will suffice. Remember, pink is excellent bedroom Feng Shui!

Parisian art deco | pink bedroom wall sconce yellow modern stool graphic tile | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style by Emily Henderson

Old And Moulding

It’s all in the details and no frame goes unfinished! Ceiling medallions, crown molding, and door or window casing are quintessential Parisian art deco staples. This gives an antiquated-looking foundation to which you can add modern light fixtures and furniture. Plush, horseshoe-shaped chairs and vintage orange sofas give just the right amount of curve.

Parisian art deco | orange sofa herringbone flooring wall moulding modern chandelier | Girlfriend is Better
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Warm Modern

If you’re into the modern look, you don’t have to go all stark and grey. Parisian art deco can warm things up with its focus on texture. Look for patterned linens and plush fabrics like suede and velvet. Use warm colors as you apply your favorite brand of minimalism. This keeps things cozy and inviting.

Parisian art deco | modern headboard black white bedroom | Girlfriend is Better
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Ye Olde Fireplace

The fireplace is one of our favorite places to keep the Feng Shui active. Mix Parisian art deco with hygge vibes this holiday season. Bring in a few twigs from your walk and place it on the mantle. Create a simple vignette with a piece from your favorite French artist. Add an ornate onlay to the front of your mantle to give it some old world charm.

Parisian art deco | ceramic decor fireplace hygge white moulding | Girlfriend is Better
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In With The Old, In With The New

Feel free to keep things funky and eclectic. Add in a few of your favorite collectibles once you’ve got some foundational Parisian art deco curves present. When you’re through, your home can feel like a page out of the Pompidou! Large, ceramic sculptures are quite popular as well. They are a fun thing to shop for at your local consignment store.

Parisian art deco | fireplace French collections color blocking ceramic bear dining room herringbone flooring | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Departures Magazine

Ceilings + Floors

One thing the French really know how to do artfully is make use of ceilings and floors. Make use of space by enhancing architectural elements with a mix of lines and curves. Herringbone floors and graphic tile are excellent choices that are quite often found in France. Modern light fixtures with a balance of circles and right angles work equally well over a bed or kitchen island.

Parisian art deco | modern ceiling chandelier curved barter herringbone graphic tile pink | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style by Emily Henderson

Big + Small

Another important aspect of this design style is balance. You can play with Parisian art deco choices by pairing large furniture items with smaller scale pieces. Step back and judge the space as a whole. It should feel warm and friendly and big on style. Just like gay old Paris.

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