Paris 18th Arrondissement: Why We Love Montmartre Most

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Anyone traveling in France will appreciate the undeniable romance of the country. The sights and sounds alone will keep visitors enraptured for as long as they can stay. Of all of the boroughs in the city, the Paris 18th arrondissement is a wonderful place to stay for a week or more. Look no further than this district for art and culture that will inspire your senses and fill your soul.

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Paris 18th Arrondissement Hotel Pick

If you’re looking for a quaint hotel in the heart of this district, we highly recommend Hotel 29 Lepic. You will love the boutique hotel’s location in the Paris 18th arrondissement alone. The rooms are cozy and the staff is extremely hospitable. The inner cafe Gisou is a must visit as you head in from or out on the town. Breakfast is complimentary and the wait staff are just the locals you’ve been dying to meet. Plus, they make green smoothies!

Paris 18th arrondissement | boutique Hotel 29 Lepic cafe Gisou | Girlfriend is Better
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Can’t. Stop. Dancing.

Rue Lepic

The hotel is at the top end of Rue Lepic, a busy and bustling street in the middle of some of the best shopping Paris has to offer. You can walk around the Paris 18th arrondissement all day and simply enjoy the sights and sounds. At the bottom of the street is the touristy Moulin Rouge and the top houses a fantastic crepe stand that will hit the spot. You will pass by chocolateries and all sorts of delightful market stalls in between.

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Shopping Mecca

Next to the Bastille district, Montmartre has some of the best shopping in the city. We recommend doing most of your clothes shopping in the Paris 18th arrondissement. Our favorite boutiques include Leon and Harper and Antoine & Lili. Let’s just say you mighttt just find yourself visiting these stores more than once during your trip.

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Best Vintage Finds

Another thing that makes this district so perfect is the mix of trendy boutiques and vintage shops. Montmartre is known for its trendy locals who mix couture and thrift to excellent proportions. Make sure to take advantage of unique vintage finds in the Paris 18th arrondissement. You may end up kicking yourself for not buying that amazing jacket in the window while you had the chance.

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Dali Museum

Did you know? Salvador Dali has a larger repertoire beyond his exquisite mustache and iconic melting clocks. One of our favorite art galleries in Paris lies in the 18th arrondissement. The museum is fairly small but if you love Dali’s sculptures you can easily spend 3-4 hours at the Dali Paris. His precision with line and form is unparalleled and his life journey is fascinating to take in through his work.

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Artists + Musicians

Most people who journey here come simply for the views from the steps of the Sacre Couer or the Moulin Rouge. C’est dommage! The best parts of the Paris 18th arrondissement lie along Rue Lepic, up to Rue Norvins and back around to Rue des Abbesses. Up Rue Norvins, above the Paris Dali, is a delightful square full of street artists and musicians. Heaven!

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J’ai Deux Amours

That wraps up our journey through Paris. No matter how much time you spend in the Paris 18th arrondissement you will leave feeling fulfilled. Take your time to stroll through the streets and go ahead a splurge on an item that you might not find anywhere else. Be sure to drink in all Paris has to offer while you can and be sure to return often!

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