Business Casual: When Offices Are Overrated

In the worlds of business and fashion, appearances are everything. Mix traditional and tailored clothing to make a business casual look that works for you. Comfortable and fashion-forward, it’s the greatest thing to happen to work since days off. No suits required, just keep it smart and polished.

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Business Casual Bureau

It’s hard trying to beat the heat while trying to look professional in the workplace. Thankfully, the business casual look can be worn no matter the temperature. Lightly colored and breathable blouses alongside loose skirts or pleated pants are sure to keep you cool, visually and physically. Use gold necklaces and bracelets to truly stand out, professionally of course.

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Chief Comfort Officer

We all need to reward ourselves at some point or another for a job well done. Treat yourself by sliding your work wear scale towards the comfy side. Grab your most comfortable single-toned turtleneck for a pleasant day at the office. Paired with a sturdy and darker-toned skirt, this is the ideal pick-me-up for any rough start to the day. We love the latest trends in balloon sleeves or puff shoulders on thick and burly sweaters.

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Head of Springtime Operations

Ah springtime, the season where it’s barely too warm to bundle up but slightly too cold to enjoy the weather. Business casual outfits look great at any time of year, and spring is no exception. Dark and thin v-neck sweaters and dress slacks in Fall hues are the way to go. Fabrics like cotton and cashmere keep you the perfect temperature for the weather. Silver jewelry and thin belts are the perfect accessories to break up these darker tones.

business casual | black v-neck sweater green slacks work wear | Girlfriend is Better
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Senior Manager of Minimalism

Love monochromatic, minimal outfits? Lighter-toned pants and blouses of the same color look great in a business casual environment. With no belts or accessories other than sunglasses, it’s minimal, yet very fashionable. Pairing a silk or satin blouse with barrel jeans instantly ups the game. (Or downplays it, however you want to look at it.)

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Head of Wintertime Affairs

With winter rapidly approaching, it’s time to get prepared for some cold mornings. Layering is going to be your best friend while setting up a business casual look in the icy cold of winter. Whether it’s a turtleneck under a double-breasted blazer or a long-sleeved shirt under an preppy sweater, you’re sure to stay warm and look great.

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Director of Autumn Outfits

Autumn (or Fall because “leaf fall down”) is a great time of year for anyone who likes wearing warmer clothes. Get creative and make the most of the best time of year for business casual outfits. There’s a lot of room for experimentation and we recommend having fun with it. Check out our favorite 70’s-inspired hiking clothes and any of our many articles on plaid.

business casual | orange sleeveless turtleneck plaid pant suit work wear | Girlfriend is Better

Co-Founder, Creator

With any good outfit, the finer details are extremely important. Business casual outfits are made or broken by their accessories. We recommend asking those around you for their opinion, as an outside perspective is especially helpful in this situation. This all may seem daunting at first, but it’s surprisingly fast to pick up.

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