Colored Tights Bring Holiday Cheer(s)

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Get out much?  Brighten up your holiday life with colored tights that keep your legs warm and protected.  Go big and bold with color, or keep the monochromatic with black or white.  Warm up your outfit with cozy coats, sweaters, and jackets and pull off that mini skirt you’re dying to wear!  The result is flirty and you still get to keep your sense of modesty intact.

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Colored Tights

For holiday parties and scene-stealing outfits, color is key.  Look for colored tights in golden hues and match your coat instead of your shoes.  Take a look at how “it” girls were combining colors in the 60s mod and follow suit.   Camel tights also work well with a camel coat or sweater.  If you’re looking for texture, under sweater tights work great.

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2 Cool 4 School

Give our bourgeois Bohemian article a “holla!” and be the cool girl at your next party.   Add colored tights under short shorts or a mini skirt to lengthen the look of your legs.  Buy a stack of basic opaque tights in a myriad of colors and go for the color that suits you that day.  How to stand out in a crowd lesson #46.

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LBDs Get Winterized

Have a coat that makes you want to stay outsideWhen it comes to colored tights, we count black in!  Go ahead and wear your favorite little black dress with ankle boots.  Head-to-toe black lets you get away with a statement coat 100%.  Free People’s everyday tights come in black, navy, and wine.  Easy to go head to toe with those colors.

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Minimal + Mod

If you invested in a Spring/Summer shorts suit, you can extend its usefulness well into Winter.  Another trick from the 60s is wearing those white shoes with matching colored tights.  The trick here is to use a basic sheer tight that allows a little bit of your natural skin color to come through.  This look is kind of punchy for the office and still stands out during cocktail hour.  Day-to-night, done and done!

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Dancing With Myself

If you’re staying indoors, you can trade in those leggings for a change.  Pair a long graphic tee with colored tights and experience the freedom of the no-pants dance!  Feel free in the privacy of your own home with our playlist of female jazz singers to warm away winter blues.  Once you start getting comfortable wearing whatever you want at home, you’ll find yourself being that free in public (we hope).

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Girlfriend: Helena Christensen | Photo courtesy: Oscar Meyer

Expect The Unexpected

Add an element of surprise to a ladylike outfit with fishnet or embroidered floral tightsColored tights in black or grey are extra fun when you introduce patterns into the mix.  Perfect for the holidays and work with just about any outfit.  Our biggest suggestion for pulling this off is to keep the exposure minimal.  A strip at the knee or ankle is plenty.

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Gone are the days of dressing to please someone else.  Adding colored tights into your daily winter wardrobe will keep you warmer and happier.  It’s okay if people don’t really get it and it’s certainly okay if not everyone likes it.  When you’re happy and confident, you pull off the look either way.  Tap into your colorful personality and let it shine a little!

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