Memorial Day Fashion Statements in Stars + Stripes

Memorial Day fashion statements | Gucci | Girlfriend is Better
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You don’t have to stick to red, white and blue to rock the American theme. Do your own variation on stars and stripes! Memorial Day marks the unofficial kickoff of summer fashion and we’re thrilled with updated Americana styles. We’ve been promoting all white fashion for weeks and now you traditionalists can finally climb on board! Check out these fun twists on the typical uniform and get some ideas for your weekend wear. Hot pink and cobalt blue? Close enough.

Red, white, blue stars overalls | Memorial Day fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Memorial Day Dress

So the easiest way to incorporate the United States of blue into your outfit is of course via denim. There are so many cute denim dresses and jumpers out right now that Memorial Day is the perfect time to sport one. Go for darker washes and button-up styles for a natural, breezy look. Add white tennies and check out our sunglasses article for an easy update to this classic style.

Guess denim dress perfect style for Memorial Day | Girlfriend is Better
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Denim on Denim

We love denim so much for Memorial Day, that we recommend you consider doubling up on this fabric choice! Pair a chambray shirt with vintage denim jeans and give ’em the ‘ole one-two! We especially love Levi’s 721 high-rise skinnies these days. Refer to how much we love a high-rise waist and why and add at least one pair in this iconic brand to your wardrobe. You can thank us later!

Levi's 721 denim jeans and chambray shirt | Memorial Day fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Red Accessories

We’ve given you plenty of ideas on how to rock bandanas and neck scarves in the last year. A Memorial Day BBQ is the perfect event to tie one on! Adding a splash of red to a typical white and blue outfit adds festive flair subtly.. or not.

red neck scarf perfect for Memorial Day | Girlfriend is Better
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Gingham Girl Gone Wild

Did you get in the Southern mindset with our latest travel article on Dallas, Texas? Go big or go home with red gingham and bold jewelry! Consider big hair, a big belt, and cowboy boots to finish the look. Dolly Parton can and definitely should be your Memorial Day inspiration! Gingham pants, shorts or a blazer paired with a graphic tee would be most on point.

Red gingham jacket and graphic tee for Memorial Day | Girlfriend is Better
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Ships Ahoy!

Thanks to our US Navy, boats are a big part of celebrating Memorial Day as well. Get in the sea-faring spirit with classic stripes and nautical details. This is a fun look to play around with depending on how preppy or faux-preppy you are. Check out this cute knit top from Mod Cloth for an idea of what we mean by that.

Preppy nautical outfit for Memorial Day | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Preppy All-American
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Vintage Athletic

Athletic wear is an easy way to sport All-American gear over the weekend. Find a vintage sports tee or uniform shirt in stars or stripes for the win! A bold logo can do all the talking while you stuff your face with food from the grill.

Vintage athletic tee for Memorial Day | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Zeum Mag

Marlboro Red

What says “American” to you? Memorial Day can be the perfect opportunity to throw on a cowboy hat and get out to the country. Get in touch with that quintessential national pride you possess and express it! Fee free to skip the social gatherings all together and get in touch with Mother Nature instead. It’s your weekend, do what you want with it! Cowboy style always works with national holidays.

Country girl Memorial Day fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Tierdropp via Tumblr

Always Remember

While you’re flaunting your fashion freedom, take time to really remember what it is we are celebrating on Memorial Day. Countless Americans have sacrificed their safety or their lives to provide us with the lifestyles we enjoy today. Raise a flag or visit a memorial this weekend and make sure to say thanks to a Veteran. Memorial Day was formerly known as “Decoration Day” so feel free to celebrate our brave soldiers with pizzazz!

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