Bourgeois Bohemian: Look-Don’t-Touch Fashion

Bourgeois Bohemian bell bottoms sheer blouse embroidery | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Spell

In Marxist philosophy, the bourgeoisie is a social class that banks on capitalism for survival. We fell in love with bourgeois Bohemian looks for Fall and Resort and all of its sumptuousness. Print mix like a boss and add a load of eclecticism with style. Pull these looks off in the office or your favorite socialite setting. Don’t know, don’t care.

Bourgeois Bohemian head scarf midi skirt sweater | Girlfriend is Better
Valentino Resort 2019 | Photo courtesy: Vogue Magazine

Bourgeois Bohemian Accessories

Keep the emphasis on lean, silky fabrics and then let your accessories do some talking. Creating a bourgeois Bohemian look means no detail goes unnoticed. Layer on thick gold lariats over a pussy bow blouse and feel free to leave the bow untied. Belts this season are hailing from the 90s with thick bands and square buckles. Ankle socks and sandals are just another way to layer and structured bags are best. Our personal recommendation is to try these Floral Socks on for size. The subtle pop that they provide will reward those with an eye for subtle details.

Bourgeois Bohemian print mixing pussy bow blouse socks sandals | Girlfriend is Better
Chloe Resort 2019 | Photo courtesy: Vogue Turkey
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Handsome Prints

Your typical floral prints are taking a back seat to bolder designs. Spice up like a true bourgeois Bohemian in paisley and plaid. Prints should be rocking on belts and purse straps for extra texture. Keep your hair and makeup natural and let your outfit get all of the attention. Be too busy hopping art galleries to notice. Your best bet would be to check out this Paisley Belted Dress.  The unique and eye-catching designs will make you the center of attention at all times, effortlessly.

Bourgeois Bohemian print mixing floral dress vest belt | Girlfriend is Better
Etro Resort 2019 | Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Neo-Western Drama

Take a look at this Fall’s ranch style and then trick it out. Suede fringe is like bourgeois Bohemian ticking tape. Stick to a basic color scheme and add an element of color blocking. Accessories should dangle and drape. Keep the style lady-like with silk fabrics and strappy heels. Consider looting your mom’s best vintage keepsakes and mix old with new.

Bourgeois Bohemian suede fringe vest floral print dress color blocked purse | Girlfriend is Better
Roberto Cavalli Resort 2019 | Photo courtesy: Pinterest


If you’re the type that wears your heart on your sleeve, romantic styles and flowing fabrics should be right up your alley. 70s style has been envisioned and bourgeois Bohemian looks are soft and sleek. Bishop sleeves and bell bottoms make blouses and pantsuits flowy without drowning you in fabric. Look for styles that do the print mixing for you. This ensures a cohesive, pulled together outfit that is fresh and fun. Our suggestion is to snag this Farm Rio Melanie Wide-Leg Pants before they’re gone! These colors are sure to pop, without being too loud.

Bourgeois Bohemian floral belted jumpsuit dress bishop sleeves | Girlfriend is Better
Alice + Olivia Resort 2019 | Photo courtesy: Pinterest

So Hood

Another accessories trend on the horizon is perfect for bad hair days. Headscarves and hoods are perfect ways to soften a bourgeois Bohemian outfit. Learn how to dress up your head with our headscarf and hair scarf ideas and DIYs. Keep one in your bag for last-minute protection in inclement weather. A perfect solution why dry shampoo has maxed out it’s cleaning power! With the arrival of fall, don’t miss out on this Autumn Blooms Hair Scarf. Its trendy fall colors will get you into the spirit of season change.

Bourgeois Bohemian floral midi dress socks buckles hood | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pinterest

The Bold + The Beautiful

As always, details turn any outfit from bleak to chic. Head-to-toe patterns and bomb accessories are paramount to bourgeois Bohemian bliss. Hike up your hems (high-water pants) and sashay away with a neck scarf. Statement earrings and maximalist color schemes ooze upper middle class.

Bourgeois Bohemian floral pant suit neck scarf high water pants | Girlfriend is Better
La Double J | Photo courtesy: Vogue Italia

Go Big + Stay Home

Okay, staying in is the new going out. You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy a bourgeois Bohemian wardrobe. Just pile on the glam and dress to impress (yourself). Get lost in the art world for a while and tap into your inner creative genius. The less you dress for others and the more fun you have dressing for yourself will breed confidence and character. In a sea of “the same” we need more flamboyance and flair!

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