Bells Are Ringing On Sleeves + Cuffs

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Caroling, caroling now we go.. Christmas bells are ringing from wrists and ankles for the holidays! There’s no better season than this one to pull off fashion’s latest trend. Take a look at our favorite cuffs and sleeves for winter. You’ll be adding to the music without making a single sound!

Bells on sleeves | Winter blouse | Girlfriend is Better
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Carol of the Bells

Bohemian fashion has taken an eclectic twist and divas are first in line!  If you’re going to go bells out, make sure your hems lengths work.  A 3/4 bell sleeve with longer flared pants keeps the look nice and lean.  The Stacey Bell pants from Alice + Olivia are the perfect length and shape. This is a nice look for work or holiday fête.  Adding a flare here and there is a nice way to update classic head-to-toe black.

Bells on sleeves and cuffs | Work fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Bell Bottom Blues

For low-key street style, we suggest a wide flare and a graphic tee.  High-waisted jeans with bells that start at the hip (as opposed to the knee) are super.. hip.  Add a messenger bag and a newsboy cap for proper city style.  This looks works best on dry days, when you don’t mind your hem dragging a little.  Rag + Bone has a Justine Trouser Wide Leg pant that makes your legs look a mile long! Also, take a look at our article on culottes and wide leg pants for more inspiration.  You can wear that same looks with knee-high boots, no problem.

Flared bells | Bell bottom jeans | High-waisted denim | Girlfriend is Better
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Silver Bells

Another trend in effect concerns a longggggg sleeved chambray button down.  Down-to-there cuffs give the impression of bells on a walk of shame twist to work-worthy wear.  (Say it 5 times fast, you’ll love it.)  We first scoffed when we saw these sleeves on Kanye’s runway, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t stick around.  They look kind of cute pushed up to the wrist and work with the tail draping in back.  Tricky.  We found a sick gold jacket by Rosie HW  x Paige Collection that carries the same basic idea along.  Only 2 left!  Just try to say no to those sequins..

Bells on sleeve cuffs | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style Haus Japan

Jingle Bells

Our #1 love these days, besides high-rise denim, are cropped jeans.  Did you love our feature on lettering?  Lots of crops in that one!  The latest take on bells is adding them to a cropped pant.  Skinny jeans are officially on their way out!  A trick of ours is to crop skinny jeans and then cut a 2-inch slit in the inner seam.  It makes the hem flare jussst enough. Wink* (Free People carries a pair of Crop Button Front Jeans that follow the same idea with the cut in a front hem.) Make sure to check out our favorite takes on red for the season and add a dash here as well!

Cropped bells | Highwater denim pants | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Netherlands

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

If you gave our holiday article on red a read, you’ll already know that the trend is pairing with pink.  Add a big puff to the bells of your sleeves and you’ve got a pencil skirt’s match made in heaven!  This gives your holiday party outfit some flash and flair.  Perfect if you’re not a big head-to-toe red person, but still want some major impact.  1.State has a sexy Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Blouse in Dark Rust that would look great with pink or light denim.  We love the sleeve length, especially!

Flared sleeve bells on pink blouse with red skirt | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style Haus Japan

Jingle Bell Rock

We are also digging a tailored cropped pant with the latest heel trends for bootsKeep the bells on a pair of slacks to a minimum and go all out with the jewel tones.  We did a feature on jewel tones last winter that had more of a 90’s twist.  Take a look and then go more metallic for this year.

Bells on cropped flared blue pants | Jewel tones | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @belenhostalet via Instagram

Ring My Bell

Pleats and gatherings be gone!  We love ruffles on dresses, but for pants and blouses, we’re sticking with the bells.  They give a fun shape to an outfit without being too much movement for the eye.  If you keep your lengths pretty well cropped,  you’ll look fun and funky, which is a two-for in our (humble) opinions.

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  1. I’m a little old fashioned, but I like bells. From a utilitarian point of view, if you fall overboard while on a cruise ship or your yacht, they are easier to remove in the water. It’s an old Navy trick I learned years ago (not to be confused with “Old Navy”). Seriously.

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