Lettering Lets Your Reputation Precede You

Feminist lettering patch on distressed denim | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: By Tezza

Now just who do you think you are? Women everywhere are having fun with statement-making lettering these days. Pick a patch, or add some embroidery to perk up a vintage piece. It’s not really yours until you’ve put your brand on it! Check out our favorite ideas on how to work some words into your wardrobe.

Rad Ain't Bad embroidered lettering on denim jacket | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Amuse Society

Custom Lettering

Did you fall in love with our distressed denim favorites? Look for jean jackets with vintage style lettering and distressed hems. Words are no longer exclusive to graphic tees and are just as versatile. Check out this OFF-WHITE Flap Bag made in Italy. We love the poignant graphics and the Wonder Woman colors!

Balenciaga embroidered lettering on jean jacket | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Getty Images


If you follow any of my fashion inspiration articles, you know I’ve got a minor obsession for coats and jackets. If you’re late in the game, check out last year’s pontifications on multicolored fur coats, fur-lined coats, and every jacket type I swoon over. This year, we’re adding Scabble-esque fur coats to the mix with big, bold lettering. Who needs animal prints, when you can roar like this?

Bold red lettering on mid-length fur coat | Milan FW Fall 2017 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style du Monde

Simple Sweaters

Show off your friendly side with a little embroidery. A bright sweater looks fresh this season with cursive lettering and romantic sentiments. We fell in love with French girl cool this Summer and our amour is lasting into the Fall. Find sweet statements or french phrases to hit this trend on point.

Have a Nice Day embroidery on red sweater | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Subtle Narcissism

I used to have a t-shirt that I slept in when I was 5 that said, “I’m #1, So Why Try Harder?”. Embroidered monogram lettering never hurt anyone! Personalize the cuff of a sleeve or the front of a collar. This would be another excellent hands-on project akin to our macrame ideas! Also a perfect way to add some character to any one of our favorite all-white fashion finds.

Me embroidered lettering on sleeve cuff of all-white dress | Girlfriend is better
Photo courtesy: MyFairyLily via tumblr

Add a Patch

Do remember when Madonna showed up with her “Mrs. Ritchie” jacket? Let people know who you are with lettering on a patch. Check out our article on patches for some ideas on placement and where to buy. Our recommendation is that you get creative here. Instead of promoting your ball-and-chain status, how about letting people know why they should cooperate?

Custom MAMA lettering on patch | Denim jacket | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @ingridandisabel via Instagram
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Hidden Details

It’s always fun to focus on the details when it comes to fashion. Add a little lettering under your collar, or in the lining of your jacket. Make sure to put it in a place that peeks out unexpectedly for maximum impact! This is the perfect way to root out who the observant people are in the crowd. And then, watch out for those guys! You’re getting nothing by them.

Whatevs embroidered lettering on denim jacket collar | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: They All Hate Us

Define Yourself

Make a statement today as easily as grabbing a sharpie and writing it on your canvas sneaker. Adding a little lettering to your outfit is fun and informative! Never take yourself too seriously and use this fashion trend and send a little humor out into the world. We’re thinking a long silk boxing robe with “Girlfriend is Better” across the back..

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