Amber Glassware Gives Holiday Tables Shine

Amber glassware for Fall Table setting | Girlfriend is Better
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Now that the leaves are changing and the holidays are upon us, it’s time to start thinking about entertaining.  Stock up on one new item to add to your traditional table setting.  I’ve been a lover and purchaser of vintage amber glassware for years.  Start with a collection of goblets, a pretty vase, or elegant decanter for your bar.  It’s fairly easy to find in vintage shops and adds just the right color for Fall.

Vintage amber glassware | Girlfriend is Better
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Vintage Amber Glassware

When I visit my parents in Oregon, I always try to hit my favorite vintage shops.  I became addicted to shopping for vintage dishware after purchasing my first set of amber glassware.  I still have them and use them!  If you love to collect vintage kitchen items, be sure to take a look at our article on vintage Pyrex.   (Kitchen collections should always be on display, so take a look at our open shelving ideas as well.) Rather let your fingers do the walking? We found a gorgeous set of 8 Vintage Amber Pressed Goblets on Chairish.  Available on a first come, first serve basis!  Perfect for wine or champagne, they are the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving table setting.

Fall table setting with amber glassware | Girlfriend is Better
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Hunt for Amber Glass Bottles

Amber glass was used in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and are great items to thrift shop for.  People used amber glassware to store everything from liquor, pills, and Vaseline. Finding original amber bottles is a treasure! In fact, we found a great Amber Glass Bottle Collection on Charish, if you’re interested.  The collection is now 50% off original price and is a fun way to add some history to your decor.  Vintage bottles can double as vases and are a wonderful addition to your Fall tablescapes.

Amber glassware | Bottles as vases for Fall table settings | Girlfriend is Better
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Glasses + Goblets

Amber is a rich color that pairs well with red and orange hues.  We love the way you can mingle pinks and clears elegantly with amber glassware.  WhiteElephantCo on Etsy carries Vintage Amber Wine Glasses.  The kings crown thumbprint pressed glass was a popular style in the late 1800s and again in the 1920s.

Amber glassware set from 2012 Pottery Barn | Girlfriend is Better
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If you are a fan of hunting for collectibles, think about adding a vintage decanter to your bar.  Vintage decanters step up your cocktail hour a notch and there are several sought-after brands to look for.  Check out our article on glass decanters to learn more about Blenko Glass.  Definitely a collectible item that is worth a splurge if you can find it.

Vintage amber glassware bottles | Girlfriend is Better
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Fall Vignettes

Time to warm up your fireplace!  Vases are good fireplace Feng Shui and should always hold fresh flowers in water (not dried).  Create an easy Fall vignette using a mixture of amber glassware and flowers of the season.  In our article on glass decanters, we also highlight genie vases from the 60s.  The spiraled tops and bubbled glass exteriors make these decanters immediate conversation pieces.  They are also wonderful hostess gifts and work well grouped with Fall bouquets.

Fall floral vignette amber glassware genie vase pitcher | Girlfriend is Better
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Golden Moments

Having company over dinner?  Planning a special celebration?  Use amber glassware to add instant color to your table setting.  Sur la Table has a lovely set of 6 Duralex Amber Picardie Tumblers that fill the need!  They give a nice vintage quality that makes water or wine that much more elegant.

Vintage amber glassware goblets table setting | Girlfriend is Better
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Fall’s Favorite

Isn’t it nice when you can save a little money and make a big impression?  Adding a little amber glassware to your repertoire is an easy way to dress up a dinner.  The amber color reflects light beautifully, and almost doubles as a candle.  Add Fall flowers in pinks, oranges, and reds and you’re set!  A little extra effort creating a tablescape goes a long way.  If you want some more creative ideas, take a look at our Spring table settings article before you go.  Let us know what you think!

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  1. I love colored glass. I found several old ‘moonshine’ bottles under my house. No wonder none of the doors or corners are square.

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