Vintage Pyrex Collections for the Kitchen

Vintage Pyrex bowls | Girlfriend is Better
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Here in Idaho, when the weather drops to -20 degrees, I shut myself in the house and get out the recipe book! Nothing warms a house and a soul like an oven and the smell of something delicious baking. I’m a believer in the idea that a cook transfers a portion of emotion into their meals. Every time I get out my vintage Pyrex bowls, I instantly feel happier. The mix of colors and mid-century patterns takes me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. Maybe I can channel a little bit of her expertise into my baking as well!

Collection of vintage Pyrex bakeware | Girlfriend is Better
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Start a Collection

I’m not much of a collector, but I have a weakness for vintage Pyrex. The fun patterns and colors from the mid-century are just too good to pass up! Once you have a few pieces of bakeware, you can easily turn a small collection into a pretty kitchen display. Some collectors stick to one specific color or pattern, but I love the rainbow!

Create a kitchen display with vintage Pyrex bakeware | Girlfriend is Better
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Vintage Pyrex is Made to Last!

In the spirit of “think global, act local”, I especially love that Pyrex is American made. Modern and vintage Pyrex both have a strong reputation for being durable and reliable. A few of my favorite bowls used to be my grandmother’s. We loved going to her country home in Oregon and eating her delicious oatmeal “Grandma Cookies”. I would sit in the cheery yellow kitchen with her while she mixed a little of this and that into her big white and blue bowl. That same bowl is still in use after decades of batters and beaters.

Vintage Pryex graphic | Lick the Bowl | Girlfriend is Better
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Vintage Patterns

Find a print you love? Serious collectors know and recognize the specific styles and patterns of vintage Pyrex. I found a great pattern guide online at the aptly named Pyrex Love website. A few of my favorites are posted here, but be sure to check out their website for a more comprehensive list! Beware, some of these might bring back strong nostalgic feelings!  (Hopefully good ones!)

Vintage Pyrex patterns | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pyrex Love
Vintage Pyrex patterns | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pyrex Love

See Any Favorites?

My mom still has dishware in Butterfly Gold. That was a popular pattern in the 70’s and she’s been using it all these years with 7 kids at the table! Did I mention durability? The white and turquoise Butterprint bowl is one I use for big batches of cookies. I’m not sure I could make cookies if they weren’t prepared in vintage Pyrex. How would they get that special ingredient I use (LOVE) to make them so tasty?

Vintage Pyrex bowls are perfect for baking | Girlfriend is Better
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Counter to Oven to Fridge!

My mixing bowl isn’t the only thing that brings me joy in the kitchen. The patterns and colors of vintage Pyrex add extra charm to whatever I’m baking or storing for later. If you didn’t catch Ellie’s Jambalaya recipe last week, she is a lover of Pyrex too. Her easy dinner is perfect for leftovers and storing them in pretty colors makes them so much more appealing.

Vintage Pyrex bakeware | Girlfriend is Better
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Join Our Pyrex Fan Club

In the spirit? If you’re jumping on the vintage Pyrex bandwagon, Etsy is the easiest place to shop. Check out their massive collection online, or save yourself some time with some of our favorites below.

SHOP: Click any of the images below for more details.
Vintage Pyrex bowls | Snowflake | FabLovesVintage Etsy
Vintage Pyrex casserole dish | Friendship | Retroburgh EtsyVintage Pyrex refrigerator storage dishes | MidcenturyLivingShop Etsy

Back to Baking!

I find myself buying vintage goods as the quality of our modern-day products continues to decline. Too bad we’ve been selling out for cheap products in mass production. It’s so nice to open a cupboard and grab one of these sturdy vintage Pyrex bowls. My grandmother lives on as I bake for my family throughout the week. Treats and healthy meals get that little something extra (yes, LOVE) and isn’t that just what the doctor ordered?

2 thoughts on “Vintage Pyrex Collections for the Kitchen

  1. My mother also lives on, as I use her Pyrex bowls, casserole dishes, and leftover dished with lids. They are wonderful. I have pink and blue bowls. They are great.

  2. Have you ever seen a casserole dish that is pyrex and it say kissing don’t last cooking do? Its pyrex, I have had it for a out 30 years. How do I join the club?.
    Thank you,
    Dorothy Walters

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