Organization Ideas For Every Room in Your Home

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Spring cleaning can be fun if you approach it the right way. We’ve compiled some of our favorite organization ideas that will uplift any room. Pretty up an entryway, or install some easy open shelving. Take advantage of the space you’ve got; it’s worth the effort! You’ll fall in love with your home all over again and will free your mental space as well.

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Kitchen Organization Ideas

We fell in love with open shelving in the kitchen and are promoters of putting your best dishware on display! One of the best organization ideas for the kitchen is to use that space that is normally above the cupboards. Take advantage of open shelving to maximize storage without the heavy look of cabinets.

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Shh… Upcycle

When you’re thrift shopping, keep your eye out for unique buys that contain lots of drawers. Organization ideas for the living room include upcycling furniture. Take a look at our article on upcycling and start finding new uses for old things. A vintage library card cataloguer or apothecary cabinet make wonderful console tables with tons of storage.

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Simplify Your Desk Space

Why are you putting everything on or in your desk? Some organization ideas for the office include making better use of wall space! Why hang art, when you could be using a peg board or Wire Wall Grid Shelf to hang things from? You can easily customize the height and width of your grid shelf and remember to hang stuff that inspires you, too!

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Freshen Up a Bathroom

So, you’ve got bathroom duty again? With flu bugs running rampant, the bathroom is the best place to use organization ideas. Use an inexpensive shelf to keep extra towels and toiletries within reach. This is the best idea for a guest bathroom! Also, another helpful hint for you Spring cleaners out there – add Castile soap to your repertoire. A little bit goes a long way and the uses are endless. Save money on harsh cleaning supplies and put it towards a bubble bath instead. You earned it!

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Keep the Kiddos Organized

Make clean-up time fun and easy! It’s important to give the kiddos organization ideas too. How cute is this easy book bin DIY from The Little Street? Peg legs, removable wallpaper, wood, and some paint make this a fun weekend project that your kids will love to use.

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Think Inside the Box

Out of sight, out of mind! The most important aspect of these organization ideas is giving yourself ample storage space. You’ll be more likely to keep things straight if they have room to breathe. Read our article on minimalism and discover how having less can give your life greater abundance. We are seriously digging the natural woven doors on this Marte Storage Cabinet from Urban Outfitters. Keeping things neatly tucked away in a beautiful piece of furniture is always a ‘yes’.

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Pick a Room

Cleaning and organizing are easy if you tackle clutter one mess at a time. Now that you’ve seen some of these easy organization ideas, pick one room to perk up. Create a simple schedule for weekly or bi-weekly projects. You’ll have a beautiful, clean home in no time!

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