Linen Jumpsuits For Functional Living

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It always makes sense to pare things down and get back to basics. Breezy linen jumpsuits make getting ready a snap. They are roomy and comfortable and linen fabric adds durability. Our favorite jumpsuits are casual and mix smart tailoring with down-to-earth charm.

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Linen Jumpsuits Let You Work

Discover the durability of linen and go ahead and let yourself get dirty. The beauty of linen jumpsuits is that they wick away moisture to keep you dry. That makes them the outfit of choice for no-fuss girls who take a hands-on approach to life. We love the workman styles that Baby & Company delivers. Slip into something a little more comfortable!

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Long + Short of it

Now that you’re drooling over our onesies, feel free to add one or two to your closet. You will get so much use out of linen jumpsuits in any sleeve length. Coveralls with long sleeves are just as practical as they are fun. Sleeveless varieties work too, just make sure the overall look is a little boxy and you should be good. Keep your loungewear upscale as your work from home.

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Indoor/ Outdoor Flexibility

Jumpsuits are just as appropriate in public as they are lounging at home. The casual elegance of linen jumpsuits lies in simple cuts and timeless fabric. Good linen should last a lifetime and if you invest in a simple style you will never have to worry about trends. I Love Linen is one of our favorite brands because they work with boutique-sized manufacturers who often focus on artisanal manufacturing processes.

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Leave it Loose

Jumpsuits look great belted but this season the trend is to keep things loose. Take advantage of the wiggle room linen jumpsuits provide and let the baking commence! One pieces with spaghetti straps are perfect for the beach or for weekend window shopping. A gathered hem adds a little I Dream of Jeannie-like femininity.

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Form Follows Function

Any minimalist with good old-fashioned Bauhaus sensibility knows that design is an output of the way something works well. Linen jumpsuits solve a myriad of problems, such as: “what should I wear today?”, “how can I get dressed in 2 seconds?”, and “how can I look like I care about my outfit?”. Making clothing is a very technical process and a well-made item should look flawless and hang in all the right places.

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Just Add Pockets

When you thought it couldn’t get any better, we throw pockets into the mix. Pockets make linen jumpsuits the ultimate work horse in fashion. Aside from keeping hands warm, pockets are perfect for transporting those little items you find around the house. What is a paperclip doing there?

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Focus on Inseam

Every girls is built differently, so to ensure your one-piece fits perfectly, take a closer look at the inseam length. The inseams on linen jumpsuits should be quite loose to fit properly. Make sure you gauge the proper fit based on the bottom half and you will be 90% spot-on while shopping.

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