Loungewear: What We’re Wearing Working From Home

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It doesn’t feel quite right wearing stuff you’d normally wear to the office when working from home. Today’s loungewear is tailored enough to mix in with softer separates. Opt for new twists in classic styles and keep a professional image without sacrificing comfort.

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Loungewear Basics

First, add a few basic pieces to your work wardrobe that can be easily mixed into weekend wear. A cropped sweater with princess sleeves can double as loungewear in an instant. Look for cotton sweaters that have a heavier weave for total versatility. They look great with high-waist slacks and wide-leg lounge pants.

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best thing about working from home is the soundtrack.

Count on Cotton

Another thing to consider is fabric. May we recommend sticking to cotton or linen for best breathability? A button front dress can easily double as loungewear because it is so comfortable to move around in. The collar keeps things professional and midi skirts just scream “at home”. We love this style with a belted waist (and fuzzy socks).

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Dress Up At Home

Working from home is no excuse to be a slob. Transform feminine sweaters into loungewear by pairing them with sweats or jeans. A lightweight wool sweater is just as breezy as a long-sleeved tee. Going super lounge-y on the bottoms? We recommend you balance that with a more professional top.

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Jump Into Joggers

Keep your professional image in tact with tops that are a little more conservative. Work loungewear into the bottom half of your outfit instead. A comfy pair of white joggers look great with a casual button front shirt. A simple tee can still work with an oversized blazer or cardigan. Totally work-able!

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Work a Workman

A workman shirt is another great top that blends in at home or casual work environments. Workman shirts are great loungewear because they are as soft as they are sturdy. Likewise, a chore coat can be worn buttoned up or as a layer over your favorite graphic tee. This is why we love tomboy fashion!

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Live in a Cardigan

One of the easiest ways to dress up lounge gear is with loose knits. A silk knit cardigan adds a touch of luxury to loungewear in a snap. Choose one in stripes and look for the best knit you can afford.

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How We Do

Now you’ve seen our favorite mix-and-match pieces, it’s time to create your own look book. Keep your loungewear appropriate for doing business in and you’ll be just fine. No need to get all formal when working from home but a little effort exudes self-respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T !

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