Pretty Christmas Sweater Party

pretty Christmas sweater | Fair Isle sweater dress zig zag turtleneck | Girlfriend is Better
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Truth be told, we’ve never been big fans of the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”.  We’d rather spend our time and money shopping for a pretty Christmas sweater that will bring joy for holidays to come.  Take a look at our favorite knits and let us save you a little shopping this month!

pretty Christmas sweater | relaxed boxy chenille embroidered floral cropped | Girlfriend is Better
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Pretty Christmas Sweater

The best buy is one that can last you beyond the month of December.  A pretty Christmas sweater in classic black with a Fair Isle pattern is timeless.  In case you didn’t know, Fair Isle knits are location-specific.  Did you watch one of our favorite British crime dramas, Shetland?  Yep, that’s where genuine Fair Isle sweaters are made.  Genuine Fair Isle sweaters can have a three-year waiting list. Also, the feeling is that these special sweaters should be bought on the island instead of online.  Scotland, anyone?  Not yet?  Then try this vintage-inspired chunky ski sweater with a hint of alpaca for softness.

pretty Christmas sweater | vintage inspired Fair Isle knit chunky ski crew neck | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Velvet

Red Like a Cherry

Of course, you can always go for festive colors in red or green.  An open knit sweater in bright, cherry red is sure to bring a rosy glow to your cheeks.  Look for sweaters with super cozy, ethically sourced alpaca wool.  Not only will you be super snuggle-able, but you will also be adding a little humanity to your smart purchase.  Open knit sweaters dress up denim and are super feminine.

pretty Christmas sweater | cherry red open knit ethically sourced alpaca soft | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Reformation

Mixed + Mended

One way we make shopping fun is by visiting local artisans.  There’s something extra special about a handmade pretty Christmas sweater that supports an artist in your area.  Unfinished trims and long sleeves make a sweater extra creative looking and versatile.  Pair a chunky knit mock neck sweater with a structured blouse.  This dresses one item up, and gives the other a little personality!

pretty Christmas sweater | chunky knit mock neck unfinished hem | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Free People

Color Pop

For a smart and casual look, go big with color!  A bright, patterned Fair Isle sweater looks amazing with denim and is college girl cool.  Crew neck pullovers are totally livable and work well under a coat or blazer.  We love this look on casual Fridays or when running errands during the week.  Super comfy and definitely pretty! 

pretty Christmas sweater | Fair Isle pattern red blue gold | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters

Pretty in Pink

Christmas doesn’t have to be all red and green.  A pretty Christmas sweater in ivory or soft pink works just as well.  Glam up your accessories with statement earrings or go understated with simple pearls.  A blush pink sweater with arched eyelet stitching and balloon sleeves is just the ticket!  Invoke visions of your favorite ballet star or bedtime story princess.

pretty Christmas sweater | blush pink open eyelet stitching balloon sleeves | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Other Stories


Most of all you should feel cocooned in softness and warmth.  A pretty Christmas sweater can pull double-duty, keeping you warm and happy.  Chunky and warm, a crewneck sweater with a zig zag Fair Isle pattern will welcome you back from the ski slopes.  Get together with friends and sip on our favorite mocktails or hygge-worthy steamers.  Enjoy the spirit of the season with music and laughter!

pretty Christmas sweater | crewneck Fair Isle zig zag pattern | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Other Stories

Easy Gifts to Give

Besides, just keeping you cozy, these make excellent gifts.  Generally, a pretty Christmas sweater is fairly unstructured and looks good on just about anyone.  Use our “one for me, one for you” shopping technique and think of someone on your list who might like a cozy knit.  If you’re familiar with the Love Languages, these are perfect choices for Gifts and Physical Touch people.  Happy shopping!

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