DIY Christmas Gifts You Might Actually Do. Yourself.

DIY Christmas gifts | Elf wine bottle cover felt faux fur | Girlfriend is Better
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Don’t you feel like a lovely handmade gift is wonderful?  We have a soft spot in our hearts for DIY Christmas gifts that are made with that special ingredient – love. Make a batch at home and give them to neighbors, hosts, and colleagues.  A terrific DIY can be as easy as a couple of pieces of felt and some faux fur or a gift basket of homemade goodies.

DIY Christmas gifts | Cuties mulling spices cider basket | Girlfriend is Better
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DIY Christmas Gifts: Baked

Buy a cute piece of jewelry from a local boutique and add a handmade ring dish to boot!  Pretty, marbled ring dish DIY Christmas gifts take less than an hour to make and bake.  Get some oven bake clay from Amazon (or any craft store) and a little gold liquid gilding. Make sure to get your hands wet when working with the clay to help with the molding.  We love that marbled swirl effect and they are the perfect companion to any small accessory.

DIY Christmas Gifts | handmade marbled clay ring dish accessories | Girlfriend is Better
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Mulled Spices

‘Tis the season for Hygge and nothing says cozy like apple cider.   Everyone loves DIY Christmas gifts that they can sip and enjoy.  Add some mulled spices wrapped in muslin, a few Cuties, a simple mug, and a fresh cinnamon stick to a basket.  The result is a totally yummy treat that any teacher or neighbor would love.  This is an especially good gift idea for anyone who falls in the Acts of Service or Gifts side of the Love Languages spectrum.

Say it With Succulents

Another cute idea is to go beyond the old poinsettia and give something a little more creative.  Make tiny terrarium DIY Christmas gifts with a few colored rocks and tiny succulents.  Place them in a tall mason jar with just the ring screwed on. You can buy a pack of 12 jars from Amazon for around $15. Add a handmade tag for an extra personal touch and hand them out as you wish!  We think this terrarium idea is super cute and fun to make as well. 

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Six Pack o’Reindeer

Keep in the festive spirit with fun ways to dress up your standard six packA few pipe cleaners and googly eyes are all these DIY Christmas gifts need to work.  Literally, you can glue googly eyes and pipe cleaners on just about anything and make it instantly cute.  We especially love this idea on dark bottles, like a dark ale or root beer.  This one is good for hosts or kids alike!

DIY Christmas gifts | six pack o'Reindeer Guinness beer | Girlfriend is Better
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Speckled Key Chains

Okay, we are falling in love with polymer clay.  Oven baked clay can be used by kids or adults to create these pretty DIY Christmas gifts.  It comes in a bunch of different colors and can be extra durable if you coat it with a clay glaze.  Use a little round cutter and some acrylic paint with this tutorial for little-speckled beauties straight out of the 80s.  Any excuse to work with splatter paint is a good one.

Visions of Sugar Plums

When the scent of candles or potpourri is wafting through the house, everyone is a little happier.  Potpourri DIY Christmas gifts are the gifts that keep on giving.  Grab a pack of mason jars in various sizes from Amazon and fill them with different goodies. Grab a variety pack of mason jars in different sizes from Amazon and fill them with different goodies.  This easy DIY gives you three different concoctions to choose from.  Cinnamon, pine, and peppermint are sweet and festive.  Lemon, rosemary, and cinnamon are a little more sophisticated and fresh.  Combine cinnamon, pine, cloves, and spices for a heavenly scent for the holidays.  She even includes printable labels for you to top the jars with a little extra style.

DIY Christmas gifts | mason jar stove top potpourri pine cinnamon spice | Girlfriend is Better
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The Thought Counts

The holiday season doesn’t need to break the bank!  When it comes to holiday gift giving, DIY Christmas gifts are inexpensive ways to show others a little appreciation.  Compile your ingredients and set aside an hour to make gifts.  Hand them out to friends and acquaintances or keep them on hand for last-minute gift giving.  Just the fact that you put in a little time and effort will be appreciated!

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