Leather Flats Lay Back For Summer’s Monomaniac

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Back to school shopping is over and PTA meetings are back on the agenda. Invest in a pretty pair of leather flats that will charm the pants off of principles and teachers alike. The right style can be the most versatile item in your shoe wardrobe.

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Leather Flats Over Ankle Boots

It’s still too warm to be sporting ankle boots so reign in the urge. The better choice over booties are leather flats that have a pretty ankle strap. They let your feet breathe in warm weather and look less clunky. Shoes in this style are perfect of transitional seasons and you will be pulling these back out again come Spring.

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“Look mOm, I’m Loitering”

For you lovers of penny loafers, we’ve hot you covered. Loafers and other black leather flats instantly add points to your IQ. They also help dressed up cropped denim and high-water pants. We love Madewell’s Elinor Loafers because of how nicely they break in with wear. For first time wearing, we recommend adding a bootie sock that will help protect your heels.

leather flats | black loafers cropped denim | Girlfriend is Better
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Angelina Ballerina

For business casual looks, a ballerina flat adds instant femininity. Petite leather flats help you dance through negotiations at work and at home. They look best paired with straight leg pants or tailored trousers. The trick is to balance the weight of the sole with your hem.

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Ankle Strapped For Cash

A new pair of summer sandals or shoes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can find leather flats that are affordable in the early Fall months. These Roolee First Impression flats are made of sturdy leather and their ankle strap styles are currently on sale. Look for a quality flat and you can wear them for years without them going out of style.

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Pack one of our favorite summer dresses for a late Summer vacation and add a pair of flats to match. Leather flats with sweet details like braided designs are the only shoes you’ll need to window shop in. A pair of artisan crafted flats made of premium leather break in easy and get more comfortable everytime you wear them. They look especially chic with linen pants or mid-length skirts.

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Out in Oxfords

Needing a footwear refresh? Trade in your tennis shoes for something sleeker. Tan leather flats with an oxford shape show off ankles and are totally office-appropriate. We love them in cinnamon colors and patterned weaves. The perfect little lace ups!

leather flats | woven Oxford shoe lace cinnamon neutrals | Girlfriend is Better
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Falling For Flats

Once you start shopping for flats it will be hard to put on wedges again. Easy flats are laid back and cool. Just the kind of vibe you want to be harnessing in your busy Fall schedule.

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