White Interiors For a Fresh Start

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There’s something about a fresh coat of white paint. White interiors feel complete and pure; the closet thing you can get to perfection. In color psychology, white is the color of wiping the slate clean and gives you that fresh start you might be needing.

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White Interiors Harness Metal Energy

Learn more about how metal energy in Feng Shui can help you regain focus and clarity. Create white interiors in spaces where you would like to simplify life’s complications. This is especially good treatment in the Helpful Friends are of your home. Use soft, linen bedding in a guest room that will promote relaxation and use circles to symbolize metal.

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Heavenly Hygge

Your decor doesn’t have to be Norwegian to carry the hygge vibe. All white interiors welcome guests with open arms and stretched out hands. Leave the fluff to the maximalists – no need for area rugs or drapes if you have plenty of moldings and simple floors.

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Greenery For Color

In spaces that don’t have many windows, add low light plants as your single spot of color. Green plants in natural pottery look perfect in white interiors. They breathe life and a touch of character in what could otherwise be a somewhat stark-looking spot. Check out our Feng Shui plant guide to ensure you are bringing the right ones inside.

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Treat Yourself to Minimalism

We are thrilled with the Millennial generation’s trend towards minimal decor and lifestyles. After living in white interiors for awhile, you start to notice the finer things in life. A soft towel, a simple plant, and an epsom salt bath is all you need to unwind. Simplicity helps hush the noise and regenerates your soul.

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Give The Floor Center Stage

One of our favorite home decor treatments is graphic tile flooring. If you’ve got a pretty floor space, why not let it shine in the midst of thoughtful white interiors? Keep your decor super simple and let an amazing vintage floor be the focal point instead of something on a wall. The details won’t go unnoticed!

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Nurture With Natural

White also has a sense of innocence. White interiors are lovely in sacred spaces that double for rest and meditation. Natural fibers enhance the beauty of white and give some much needed texture. The combination is simple but elegant.

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Create a Balance

If you’re starting fresh or need a do-over, consider removing color from your space. White interiors create a sense of balance and help keep your mind open to creativity. The lack of color implies characteristics of fairness and equality. A blank canvas that promotes neutrality and independence might be just what you are needing to move forward.

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