Rooibos Tea Recipes Make Us Never Go Back to Black

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We are ever in search of new and delicious varieties of herbal teas.  Our latest favorite is rooibos tea, which hails from southern Africa. It is a full-bodied, caffeine-free alternative to black tea and has plenty of health benefits to boost.  Rooibos (pronounced “ROY-boss”) is one of the many benefits of our ever-expanding global community!

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Photo courtesy: Simply Delicious | Recipe: Rooibos Peach Tea Punch

Rooibos Tea For Breakfast

Did our article on home tea blends get you stocking your pantry?  Matcha and rooibos tea are extremely versatile and can be used to cook with as well.  Try a rooibos breakfast bowl for a delicious detox start to your day.  Create a smoothie with rooibos powder, a banana, and almond milk.  Top with your favorite seasonal fruits and nuts and feel great all morning long.

rooibos tea breakfast bowl | figs apple smoothie bowl detox breakfast healthy recipe | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Kissa | Recipe: Rooibos Breakfast Bowl

Caffeine-Free on the Rocks

Iced tea lovers will particularly enjoy the warm flavors of this alternative.  Also known as red tea or red bush tea, rooibos tea is full of powerful antioxidants.  In fact, it is said to have 50% more than green tea. Nix the caffeine and oxalic acid (which increases the risk of kidney stones) and enjoy the flavor boost.

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Photo courtesy: Sandra Easy Cooking | Recipe: Red Rooibos Iced Tea

Improve Iron Absorption

Tannins are natural compounds found in green and black tea and interfere with the absorption of certain nutrients, such as iron.  Rooibos tea has lower tannin levels which helps your body absorb those nutrients better. It pairs beautifully with vanilla flavors and a variety of fruits.  This Vanilla Rooibos Peach Ice Cream Float is just as yummy as it looks!  Use a coconut milk ice cream for a vegan option and omit the sugar if you are going low-glycemic.

rooibos tea | vanilla ice cream float soda peach vegan coconut milk recipe | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: The Bonjon Gourmet | Recipe: Vanilla Rooibos Ice Cream Float

Heart-y Oatmeal

Our love of oatmeal may never die.  Add a hint of caramel and spice to a warm bowl of oatmeal with rooibos tea.  This oatmeal recipe will prep you for fall hygge with its cozy comfort quotient.  It’s not too sweet and uses ginger for spice and spaghetti squash strands that you won’t even notice.  (We always love creative ways to introduce zoodles into the mix!)  Rooibos may also reduce blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE).  That makes this combo extra heart-healthy.

rooibos tea oatmeal vanilla blueberries recipe | spaghetti squash ginger heart health | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Meatified | Recipe: Rooibos Tea Oatmeal with Vanilla Scented Blueberries

Sangria Mocktails, NBD

If you’re in the alcohol-free zone, add this rooibos sangria to our list of mocktail recipesWe love all of the fruit in this rooibos tea thirst-quencher.  Replace the wine from a normal sangria recipe with grape juice, rooibos, orange juice, and lemon juice.  It’s super refreshing and doesn’t come with the promise of a hangover. Another trick is to make ice cubes with the tea for maximum flavor impact.

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Photo courtesy: Bibby’s Kitchen @ 36 | Recipe: Mocktail Rooibos Sangria

Heavenly Homemade Lattes

For latte lovers, a blended homemade drink beats a drive-thru beverage any day of the week.  Use natural sweeteners and healthy fats to make a rooibos tea latte even better for you.  Rooibos is also less bitter than your traditional black tea and pairs perfectly with cardamom or cinnamon.  This Bulletproof Rooibos Blender Latte uses an alternative nut butter, coconut oil, and ghee (or butter) for rich creamy flavor.  Who needs coffee with money-saving lattes like these?

rooibos tea | cardamom blender latte paleo dairy free recipe alternative nut butter coconut oil cinnamon | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Nyssa’s Kitchen | Recipe: Bulletproof Rooibos Cardamom Blender Latte

Bye-Bye Bitter

This South African gem is perfect for any black tea lovers who are sensitive to caffeine.  Once we gave rooibos tea a try it was hard for us to go back to black. The smooth and gentle tea has a natural sweetness and no bitterness.  Similar to yerba mate, it’s undertones are slightly nutty and rooibos has anti-inflammatory properties as well.  Give it a sip and let us know what you think!

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