Double-Breasted Blazers: Simply Irresistible

Double-breasted blazers | Pant suits women | Girlfriend is Better
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One of the best fashion staples from the 80’s has arrived!  When we first caught eye of slouchy double-breasted blazers making a come back, we knew the trend was a keeper.  Spring is bringing in the style with bright pastels in longer lengths.  Ditch your sweater dusters for this bossy office staple instead. Work wear never looked so good.

Double-breasted blazers | Filles à Papa Fall 2018 | Girlfriend is Better
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Double-Breasted Blazers: A Craze We’d Endorse

If you want to get a blazer that will last you all year, try vintage 70’s colors in orange or mustard.  Double-breasted blazers are known for their wider panels and two sets of buttons running parallel down the front.  They should hit below the waist and go no lower than mid-thigh. We think they look terrific paired with our favorite graphic tees and this season’s bell bottoms.

Double-breasted blazers | Orange street style | Girlfriend is Better
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The Trend is Irreversable

If you work in a corporate environment, you will be singing in this season’s pant suits.  We love the monochromatic look, with double-breasted blazers matching slacks.  Nice way to keep the look long and lean (mean fighting machine).  Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a pair of tiny sunglasses that we showed you last week. Especially the round wire frame guys for the full suit.

Double-breasted blazers | Marta Lungo in yellow pantsuit | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Marta Lungo | Photo courtesy: Steal the Look
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The Woman is Invincible

Are you still clinging to stripes and French girl coolA double-breasted blazer looks dashing over a striped top or pants.  On the other hand, this Uptown Girl Blazer from Free People looks smashing in wide stripes as well.  We can’t decide!  The trick is the fit.  The jacket is best long and slouchy with a menswear-inspired feel.  You can add wide leg pants and flats and take that outfit just abut anywhere.

Double-breasted blazers | Stripes mustard red | Girlfriend is Better
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How Can it Be Permissible

For a more subtle approach, keep the color of the jacket muted and focus on the other details.  Look for double-breasted blazers with puff sleeves or vintage buttons.  Take a look at this amazing Soft Puff Sleeve Blazer currently on sale for $49.95 from Free People.  The slouchy fit and emerald color is ah-mazing. Wide lapels are also in style and they take center stage when paired with a conservative-but-hip turtleneck.  Throw in a Danse Lente bucket bag and your look is complete.

Double-breasted blazers with jeans and bucket bag | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Jeanne Damas | Photo courtesy: @sandrasemburg via Instagram

That Kind of Love is Mythical

Go for the boyfriend style with a jacket that hangs on you a little more.  We love double-breasted blazers with drop shoulders and conservative prints.  Check out this Paul Smith Metallic Blazer in Lamé / crepe.  OMG.  It’s the perfect length and great for a night out or a walk of shame.  Slouchier blazers are also great paired with cropped denim pants or shorts (when it gets warmer).

Double-breasted blazers | Paris Fashion Week
Photo courtesy: Jonathan Daniel Pryce via Vogue UK

Her Methods Are Inscrutable

Little black dress be gone!  A double-breasted blazer with slacks in powder blue is perfect for a Spring wedding or cocktail party.  The relaxed fit and light color keeps you from upstaging the bride while still getting noticed.  Throw in a pair of our favorite white boots from last Spring’s article and a white tee for a casual look that still has sex appeal.

Double-breasted blazers | Powder-blue pantsuit | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Who What Wear

The Proof is Irrefutable

Long and strong! Double-breasted blazers have been showing up for Pre-Fall collections too!  We suggest investing in one or two blazers (or a pantsuit) now so you can maximize the ROI.  You’ll be surprised at how versatile they are and will wear them more than you think.  Roll up the sleeves when it gets warmer and remember to accessorize!

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    1. Agree! I like the single-breasted blazers as long as they’re long and slouchy. Enjoy the pant suit!

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