Displaying Art in New + Interesting Ways

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We bet many of you are starting to get stir-crazy (and we know what that leads to). Think about displaying art creatively as you start to rearrange furniture. You can completely transform your environment without doing any shopping. Turn your home into an art gallery and put your favorite collections on display.

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Displaying Art Casually

Save your walls some torture when deciding what to do with a heavy piece of art. Large paintings look just as lovely leaning against a wall. It adds to a more casual, Bohemian vibe and is especially suitable in bedrooms. This also lends itself to moving to different spaces on a whim. No ugly scars to plaster over! Add a versatile Breuer-style chair and the look is complete.

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Think a little outside the box if you’re a lover of gallery walls. Try displaying art in a simple collection of three or five pieces. Using odd numbers and exercising restraint is good Feng Shui and leverages the principles of minimalism. Keep the look grounded by adding a lovely dresser or visually interesting chair below.

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Staggered Art Display

Look for empty spaces that could use a little extra visual interest. The space above a shorter headboard tends to be a lovely spot for displaying art. Using the headboard as a line, line up one piece of art with 2-3 inches above the bed. Place a second, smaller piece of art next to it and then fill in the little spaces with knick-knacks. This helps reduce an overly structured look.

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Neglected Spaces

Everything but the bathroom sink! Another way to get creative is to look for empty spaces that could use some extra love. For example, the space above bathroom lighting could be a surprising place for displaying art. Hang a single landscape painting or a cool shadow box in a small powder room for maximum impact. This adds height and a focal point that keeps a visitor’s eyes moving upward.

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That Awkward Space

Consider adding art to awkward spaces in your home. Displaying art between two doors or two windows can create a sense of belonging. A single work of art hanging above a horseshoe chair works wonders. Add a little rattan and keep the colors cheery for a Southern Bohemian bedroom.

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Consider Corners

Another fun idea is to work art into the corners of a room. Try displaying art in corners in an upward and downward fashion. Stagger art upwards towards one corner and then let it cascade down the other. Use portraits of random people or collections that are similar in nature to bring a sense of cohesion.

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Be Unique

The goal here is to do something unusual, or surprising. Think about displaying art in ways that will make the collection a conversation piece. Place art in interesting spaces and create vignettes that are pleasing to you. It’s never permanent, so you can change the look over and over again—a great respite when homebound or anytime you need some variety in your life.

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