Bentwood Chairs Bedizen Your Humble Abode

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If you could bring a little piece of your favorite French cafe home it would do much to nourish your soul everyday. Bentwood chairs are so iconic they almost transcend time. Take a look at some of the ways designers use them to fill spaces with a little French country love.

caned bentwood chairs | vintage dining room wood element | Girlfriend is Better
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Bentwood Chairs Do Half The Work

If you have a small working space, a little design goes a long way. We love the style bentwood chairs give a simple desk in a nook dedicated to work. The curves of the chair add some visual interest to a structured desk. Add a round area rug to play off the lines of the seat back or arms.

Photo courtesy: Daily Dream Decor

Open Spaces

When deciding on seating for a dining area, keep things as open as possible. The open backs of bentwood chairs keep a dining table less heavy looking. Your fall tablescapes get to peek through and a large gallery wall looks fresher. We especially love this style with caned seating and no tablecloth.

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One Nightstand

For single gals who don’t need a matchy-matchy bedroom set, a little seating can go a long way. Keep things informal by letting bentwood chairs double as end tables and nightstands. Add an easy desk lamp and keep your favorite reading material within arm’s reach. The bedroom should double as a place where you can relax and recharge.

bentwood chairs | nightstand bedroom vintage wood element | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Just Ideas

Mix It Up

As you may recall, we really live mixing dining room chair styles. Mix and match mid-century style with the French country casualness of bentwood chairs. Take a look at how the French do this artfully with Parisian art deco. You can also take a cue from our favorite hygge tablescapes and bring a little nature indoors to create a wonderful seasonal atmosphere.

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Photo courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Space Filler

If you’ve got space by a window, create a meditation space with candles and a few notebooks to record your thoughts in. Bentwood chairs are so pretty on their own, they add a touch of decor to an otherwise forgotten space. They are also versatile enough to work in any room. Additionally, they are an easy way to add the wood element to an all-white area.

bentwood chairs | bedroom nook hygge decor minimalism | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: SF Girl by Bay

Collab Space

If your dining room doubles as a work space, keep the collaboration vibes alive with mixed seating and plenty of your favorite art. Bentwood chairs are naturally casual and keep a creative space open and welcoming. Mix them in with Breuer style chairs and bucket seats for a trendy, eclectic look. Add a console table with a little bit of styling and extra storage. Your least-used room just became a central working hub in 10 seconds flat!

bentwood chairs | dining room home office Breuer style mixed set portrait random person | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @majahattvang via Instagram

Everything Beautiful

When choosing seating styles be sure to select timeless designs that will outlive trends. Bentwood chairs are vintage classics that will never go out of style. They mix well with most interiors and tend to be study and reliable as well. You will love the some curves and easy workability for years to come.

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