Home Office Essentials For Today’s Modern Living

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Who uses formal dining rooms and formal living rooms anymore? Of all the spaces we create in our living environment, a home office is probably one of the most useful. Whether you dedicate an entire room or carve out a corner, create a place that will keep your busy life organized.

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Home Office Creativity

You dont have to be all business and bills to get good use out of a sturdy desk. A home office can be a much-needed source of inspiration for creative types as well. Hang modern art or sculptures that motivate you or help you to brainstorm. Keep your favorite reference books organized on a small shelf and put everything else away in drawers.

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Maximize Your Wall Space

If you have an open wall that needs filling, consider placing your desk there instead of a bench or console table. Ideally, a home office should be in a fairly quite place so you can focus on the task at hand. If you have a room in the Wisdom + Knowledge center of your home, up the Feng Shui with blue or green hues. We love the idea of hanging a portrait as a silent but encouraging work buddy.

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Plenty of Seating

If you have a dedicated room for your work space, keep things cozy with Bohemian vibes. Your home office should be warm and inviting with plenty of seating available. Add a vintage area rug under your desk and display serene works of art that help you feel at peace. This would be an excellent space to display your latest triumphs with watercoloring or any creative outlet you enjoy.

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Happy Halloween! Something spook-tacular for ya. (Eat your heart out.)

Hygge Vibes

You definitely do not need to spend a boatload of cash revamping a work space. A home office can be as simple as a vintage desk in a quiet corner. Add a little hygge with natural decor placed artfully in amber glass. Take a look at some of our favorite nook ideas and incorporate them into your office.

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Share a Room

If you aren’t working from home, you can still benefit from a writing desk. Share a corner in your living room with a mini home office that adds an extra punch of character. A gallery wall can spill into both spaces, unifying the look. Check out our article on green sofas and add a Breuer-style office chair in yellow or gold. This is a perfect way to enhance the Prosperity center of your home. Cha-ching!

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Go Retro or Go Home

Who days you should never mix business with pleasure? Fill your home office with your favorite vintage finds. Add a record player and vinyl collection and be sure to work with background music in place. This helps keep your motivation going and boosts creative thinking. Combine wood element furniture with water element art or color palettes to promote the nurturing and growth of good ideas.

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Work it!

Now that the busy season is ramping up, it’s more important than ever to get organized. The sooner you carve out a proper home office, the easier it will be for you to keep a handle on the holidays. Think of how you want to organize mail or what types of supplies will be helpful to keep handy. You got this!