Preppy Outfits: A Step Above The Rest

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It’s not enough to simply be the best, you need to look the part too. Looking classy, crisp and clean is what preppy outfits are all about. These outfits may seem simple on the surface, but a lot of thought goes into making an outfit seem both classic and effortless. It’s alright if you feel a little out of your depth, we have plenty of tips to get you started with your preppy pursuits.

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Blouses Make Preppy Outfits Pop

Feminine, lightweight, and elegant, blouses are a staple in any outfit you create. Available in every design imaginable, there’s a blouse for any preppy outfit that comes the mind. Whether it’s a collared and under a sweater or has a pussy-bow tied around the neck, it’ll look downright divine. Mix and match and see what works for you!

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Preppy Outfits Optimized For The Chill

With wintertime around the corner and the temperature ticking down, a blouse may not be the best choice for a day out. Turtleneck sweaters are a warm and welcome alternative to any preppy outfit. Maintaining that classy look without all the bulk, turtlenecks are best paired with a double-breasted blazer. Who says you have to suffer to look stylish?

Preppy outfits | green petticoat yellow turtleneck | Girlfriend is Better

Accessorize With Preppy Outfits

Make sure to accessorize your work wear with this season’s bags and baubles. No preppy outfit is complete without at least one or two accessories by your side. We recommend signet rings and other jewelry, although a top handle purse on your arm keeps you looking fashionable without losing function. Be creative but remember to keep it simple and decorative; anything too flashy and the whole look is off.

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Go Vintage With Preppy Outfits

Sure, the classic “Jackie O” look is all well and good, but too much similarity can be stifling at times. Different shades of browns, tans, and oranges are all you need to add some vintage to your preppy outfits. Oversized sweaters paired with knee-high boots combine to make a truly memorable outfit, while some thick-rimmed sunglasses tie it all together effortlessly. Be original, you’re the only person on earth just like you, and your outfits should reflect that.

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Be Bold

The quietly classic high-class look is respectable, but don’t be afraid to add some variety to spice things up. The right amount of decadence contrasts wonderfully with preppy outfits. Having a look that both grabs eyes and garners respect is a hard one to come by. However, like any good spice, it should be used in careful amounts, or the risk is run of it being obnoxiously overpowering to anyone with taste.

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Finding The Perfect Pants

As everyone knows, any good top needs an even better bottom to share the load with. Use brightly colored pants in preppy outfits to get the most out of your look. White, yellow, pink, and red are all commonly used colors, and for a good reason too, they all look absolutely amazing. For best results, try having your pants match the color that appears the least amount on your printed or striped top.

Preppy outfits | bright blue pants red white striped shirt sky | Girlfriend is Better

Get Inspired

There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration. Jackie Kennedy, Blair Waldorf, and Emma Watson are all great examples of preppy outfits going right. Use them as a starting point and experiment, be creative and see how far you can go with it. Fashion constantly evolving field, be brave and you might just change the face of it.

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