Gold Signet Rings: What Each Finger Says About You

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Body language is all about picking up cues to learn about a person or how they are feeling. Personalizing this season’s gold signet rings are just as telling as the finger they are worn on. Each finger represents a mood or mentality. You may be unconsciously sending out signals with your accessories.

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Gold Signet Rings Fight Back

Are you feeling aggressive? Or do you just like some good old-fashioned confrontation? Type A personalities will tend to wear their gold signet rings on their thumbs or pointer fingers. Thumbs symbolize war and pointer fingers symbolize power. If this is you, double-up on the self confidence with a ring embossed with your initials.

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“Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

If you fancy yourself to be more of a lover, than a fighter, signet rings with roses are like a dream come true. Gold signet rings on the fourth finger represents loving emotions. You don’t have to have a significant other to display your emotions, however. A loving feeling or a healthy dose of self-love counts too.

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Mark Your Message

It’s not only fun to send a message with your accessories, it’s fun to notice what others are wearing as well. Gold signet rings that are embossed with natural elements can have meaning as well. Look for a ring that has your favorite flower on it. Busy as a bee? We love & Other Stories bee embossed pendant ring for real. (No, really, I am wearing mine right now.)

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Cocktail rings and the like tend to grace the fingers of women who want a little acknowledgement. Gold signet rings worn on the pinky finger means you are demanding some respect. That old phase “it’s better to be feared than loved?” You might be wearing your rings here, no matter how small they may be. Usually, these types pay attention to subtle details and are no strangers to confidence.

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Social Butterfly

For party girls, the middle finger is best. Socialites tend to wear gold signet rings on their middle fingers. They also tend to double and triple up the rings on their hands. Expressive and fun, they rarely settle for just one emotion.

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Middle finger kind of girl? This one goes out to you, love.

Take a Look Around

Next time you’re out and about, pay attention to people’s hands. Gold signet rings are attention grabbers and statement makers alike. Notice the embossment the wearer has chosen and the finger they are dressing up. It can tell you a lot about how they are feeling or what they are looking for.

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Pick a Finger, Any Finger

Remember the finger you choose can change day-by-day. Wearing gold signet rings on thumbs one day and ring fingers the next isn’t a symbol of personal confusion. It’s human nature to change moods and sometimes it’s fun to just express that mood as you’re feeling it. It’s also interesting to notice the fingers your friends tend to choose. Does it match what we’re saying?

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