Turtleneck Power! (Ditch The Scarf.)

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No more long, drapey, hang-y thing around your neck. This season, we are opting for the trusty turtleneck as the layering foundation piece of the season. Keep your core warm in rich Fall colors, like gold and brown.  Add coats and jackets and hats as you please for a cleaner, vertical line.  Take a look at some of our favorite pairing ideas and then stock up on these babies!  They never go out of style.

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Turtleneck Sense + Sensibility

First and foremost, let’s address the sensible nature of keeping your neck warm.  In traditional Chinese medicine, it is crucial to protect your neck in cold and windy weather.  A turtleneck sweater protects your neck from being vulnerable to Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold invasion.  Acupuncturists believe that this is a root cause of most colds.  A stiff neck is generally followed by headaches, chills, and fevers.  Protect ya’ neck!

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Layering Fall Patterns

Now, let’s have fun with layering.  Have fun with prints and patterns when you layer a turtleneck.  Print mixing is always fun in the Fall, when you can stack textures for warmth.   If you run warm, layer a mockneck tee in collegiate-worthy prints (like stripes or argyle) for total bourgeois Bohemian slay factor.

Argyle turtleneck sweater layering | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Lou Schoof | Photo courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar UK

Fuzzy + Wuzzy

Take a look at our favorite fuzzy coats and pile one on over a thick and cozy sweater.  A turtleneck sweater with a thick neck works just as well as a scarf.  The bonus is that you don’t have the extra bulk hanging down your front.  An oversized cable knit turtleneck will keep your layered look minimal and clean.

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Pair With a Pant Suit

You go girl!  A thinner turtleneck is a cool, 70s-inspired alternative to a dress shirt.  Pair one with a velvet pantsuit for a luxe look that works wonders in the office.  We especially love this look with fitted stretch blends in earthy colors, like beige or forest green.  You will stay warm to and from the workplace, which is a bonus.  If things warm up, ditch the blazer and you will still look like a success.  Remember, high-water pants are also super in, so roll up those hems!

brown turtleneck shirt velvet pant suit | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Matthew Sperzel

Cocktail Hour

If you’re looking for an update to the LBD, stick with black, but raise the neckline.  A turtleneck dress looks smashing paired with an oversized blazer and over-the-knee boots.  To look long and lean, keep the entire outfit in a monochromatic color and then go wild with the blazer.  Take a look at our favorite double-breasted blazers for more inspo.

black turtleneck dress oversized blue plaid blazer | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Blog de Moda

Relax, Don’t Do It

The best way to work in Fall fashion is without all the fuss.  A warm turtleneck sweater should be a staple in your closet.  Find one in a color you wear often and in a classic shape.  One good wool blend sweater can easily last you several years since they never go out of style.  You can dress it up or down and always look effortlessly chic.

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Trendy, Schmendy

Don’t you love it when stuff you already own is on trend?  The right turtleneck can totally make an outfit.  Pair one with soft fabrics, like washed denim, velvet, or suede for the best effect.  Get out into the last of Fall foliage and keep warm and well.

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