Oversized Woven Purses

oversized woven purses | baby blue top handle purse square maxi weave | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue France

Oversized. Voluminous. Maxi. Big. There are too many ways to describe oversized woven purses but the idea is big-weave/ major-impact. Our favorite carryall accessory for Spring is a square maxi weave. Take a look at how these street style stars are carrying them and then get with the program, man!

oversized woven purses | light blue padded clutch menswear work outfit trench coat street style | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue Denmark

Oversized Woven Purses on The Runway

We first fell in love with the square maxi weave on the Bottega Veneta runway. The fashion house carries a variety of oversized woven purses in any color or style you could wish. Choose a shoulder, pouch, or top handle purse in Spring’s punchy color palette. You will fall in love with all of the little details. Geometric handles, golden clasps, and soft lambskin leather work together as a functional piece of art.

oversized woven purses | Bottega Veneta green square maxi weave clutch wood handle | Girlfriend is Better
wake up/ get moving.

Crossbody Bags

Your Springtime workhorse is always going to be the crossbody bag. Add oversized woven purses with work wear to make a bold statement on-the-go. A big weave in neutral colors is perfect for any business casual outfit. Upgrade a classic jumpsuit with a crossbody that is versatile enough to double as a clutch.

oversized woven purses | neutral maxi weave crossbody bag jumpsuit work wear | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: My S Lady

Padded Clutches

You might already be loving oversized clutches but a structured version works just as well. Try oversized woven purses and clutches that are slightly padded. They are super comfortable to carry and help soften a menswear look. Neutrals look smashing with denim so experiment with a double-breasted blazer and see what you think.

oversized woven purses | padded maxi weave structured clutch double-breasted blazer denim cut-off shorts business casual | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Elle

Soft, Softer, Softest

We’ve already talked about soft, padded weaves in lambskin. Triple your soft-quota with oversized woven purses, blanketed jackets, and a super light color scheme. Take a look at our article on minimal, monochrome looks and start focusing on texture. This season’s post-Memorial Day looks work with creams, tans, and eggshell white. You’ve only got a few more weeks to pull off white boots, so get walking, lady!

oversized woven purses | light neutrals all white leather boots business casual shorts | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue France

Basic Black Shoulder Strap

To be honest, although we love those soft pastels, you can’t ever go wrong with classic black. Black oversized woven purses will always be a wardrobe staple. They pair nicely with neutrals and the square weave just makes a statement. Throw a crossbody version over a funky trench and see why this style is a total keeper.

oversized woven purses | square maxi weave padded leather crossbody bag black trench coat | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: In Style

Powder Blue

The three colors we have noticed on trend are tan, black, and powder blue. Powder blue oversized clutches pair nicely with khaki or stone-colored slacks. You will fall in love with the maxi square weave if you wear preppy looks on a regular basis. The weave also works with pleats and folds, so take that into consideration as well.

Weave One Into Your Cart

Shopping for purses might seem a little superfluous right now and that’s okay. Shopping can serve to give you a little emotional boost and oversized woven purses will be sticking around for Fall. Make sure you’re the first girl on your block to be stepping out in style when conditions allow. Planning your next outfit in public might be just the activity you were needing.

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