Bistro Tables For Two, Please

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If you connect with the phrase, “two’s company; three’s a crowd”, a smaller dining area might be suitable for you. Tiny bistro tables are just right for small spaces and petite households. Our favorite setups take inspiration from European cafes and will add cozy charm to your home.

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Bistro Tables Should Be Eclectic

The best thing about creating a cozy nook is that you can be creative with the smaller space. Never feel tied down to a matching set when shopping for bistro tables and chairs. A vintage table with mixed seating gives a carefree vibes and diminishes any trace of stuffiness. Create a simple hygge-inspired tablescape and make this your new favorite place to have afternoon tea.

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You Are My Sunshine

Another thing to consider is location. Our favorite setting for bistro tables is right next to a sunny window. This draws from the same principles as having a sunroom in your home. Dot the space with a few candlesticks and Feng Shui-approved plants. Your little nook will be setup for total romance come evening time.

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Most bistro tables are about 24″ in diameter but they don’t always have to be round. Tiny antiques make delightful bistro tables, even if they are square or rectangular in shape. Consider upcycling a vintage find with a bright coat of paint. If you can find one with folded leaves, all the better! This makes room for that third guest without being so crowded.

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Chair For a Spare

Another way to keep your space ready for three is by having an extra chair handy. Really, bistro tables should be set for two but crowding three in can be fun. Place the third chair close by and let it decorate an empty corner. This keeps the table from looking overcrowded and is a nice solution if you don’t want the table right under the window. If in a corner, check out our articles on displaying art and gallery walls for more inspiration.

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All Nestled In

Another approach to the corner is to use it to frame your space. Round bistro tables work best in corners. Consider using rounded bentwood chairs to create a nice juxtaposition between curvy and angular. These chairs are relaxed and homey and usually have caned seats. They add French country charm and bring the water element into play as well.

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Any Wall Will Do

A tiny setup like this will work pretty much anywhere. Bistro tables look lovely next to an otherwise bare wall. Add a touch of elegance with a panda marble tabletop and a few candlesticks. We love West Elm’s black marble table and they have so many great styles to choose from. Place one out of the way or as a focal point beside the entry of another room.

bistro tables | marble tabletop candlesticks bentwood chairs nook hygge natural decor | Girlfriend is Better
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Natural Decor

These tables are so simple and small, they don’t need much in the way of decor. Place simple bouquets on bistro tables and consider the job pretty much done. Candles are a nice touch if you use them for dinners but the table shouldn’t be too cluttered. You don’t want to have to move things every time you want to sit down. The table and chairs are decor enough—especially if you take the time to find the perfect styles for both.

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