Rainbow Dining Chairs Brighten Up Any Kitchen Space

Rainbow dining chairs | Mid-century modern | Girlfriend is Better
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Why settle for one color when you can have them all? Add some flavor to your home with rainbow dining chairs. No cooking required! Dining chairs are one of those easy, affordable ways to get creative with color. The dining room is generally the most-used spot for homework and school projects. Why not spruce up the area in a way that will encourage a little extra inspiration? Who knows? You might benefit from the uplift in color yourself!

Rainbow dining chairs in light pastel color | Girlfriend is Better
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How to Mix Rainbow Dining Chairs

One thing we like about going multi-colored is that your dining chairs absolutely do not have to match. Simply keep your rainbow dining chairs in the same hue and material. Choose any color you like, but make sure they all have the same level of intensity. The shape of the back is also not as important as the material used. Stick with all wood, all plastic, or all metal. You can mismatch materials on the host chair at the long ends, if you wish.

How to mix rainbow dining chairs | Girlfriend is Better
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Start Outside

Feeling a little gun shy? Try adding rainbow dining chairs to a little bistro set outside. Take a look at some of our fun patio decor ideas and expand your living space. It’s the perfect way to brighten up any sad patio or rooftop area. Make it more inviting to get yourself outside for morning coffee or early evening cocktails.

Rainbow dining chairs patio bistro table | Girlfriend is Better
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Upholstered Gems

You can do multi-colored chairs in any style you like. We are totally smitten with upholstered mid-century modern rainbow dining chairs. World Market has Mid Century Joel Upholstered Dining Chairs on sale right now that are right on the money. Be sure to use promo code LABORDAYDEALS to get an extra 10% off and free shipping today only! They have a nice reclined back and are perfect for smaller spaces. Modern wood arms of mid-century modern chairs look amazing paired with bright pops of color.

Upholstered mid-century modern dining chairs | Girlfriend is Better
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Brighten Up All-White

If you’re going for the all-white kitchen that is ever so popular these days, don’t let it disappear! Keep your dining area vibrant with rainbow dining chairs or colored tables. Add bright works of art and fresh flowers so that the room stays lively. Kitchens and dining rooms should be the most social areas of your home, so encourage conversation. This is also the area we generally start and end our days, so make sure the atmosphere is a positive one.

All-white modern kitchen with rainbow dining chairs | Girlfriend is Better
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Have Fun With Paint

Color like this is also perfect for the Creativity + Children center of your home. Be sure to check out our Feng Shui guide for a simple map to this area. Multi-colored paint is also a fun way to dress up vintage chairs or get creative with neutral woods. One of our favorite ideas is to mix up how you paint rainbow dining chairs seats and legs. If you have chairs all the same style and wood type, try painting the legs only and see what you think. Or, do the reverse, and let the legs stay bare. It’s fun to create little optical illusions with dining room seating and the possibilities are endless.

Mix-and-match paint colors of rainbow dining chairs | Girlfriend is Better
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Tone it Down With Industrial

Mix-and-match dining sets with a multi-colored effect doesn’t have to be kindergarten style. You can definitely keep your rainbow dining chairs at least 2nd grade by using muted color tones.  This is a nice look that the guys in the house will go for, too. If you’re doing the industrial thing, you can mix materials as long as you stagger the seating. Get creative and work with your existing decor.

Industrial rainbow dining chairs | Girlfriend is Better
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Unexpected Color

A fairly neutral palette is always preferable in the home as long as you add some unexpected doses of color. Be sure to check out our article on upgrading your stair risers for some more multi-color ideas. You can easily do rainbow dining chairs and keep the rest of your decor mellow. It’s all about the hue, the materials, and (of course) the approach. With these simple tips, you really can’t go wrong. Give it a try!

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  1. Love all of the bright colors here. My dining room definitely needs some cheering. Thanks for the inspiration!

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