Malika Favre: Pop Art Meets OpArt

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Malika Favre

If you’re a lover of trends and fashion illustration, Pop Art might be the art genre for you! One of our latest crushes is on French girl Malika Favre, a graphic artist with bold, minimal style and a terrific sense of humor. Take a look at her playful and sexy artworks and get a little inspiration for adding color and confidence into your month.

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Malika Favre

Malika Favre

There’s just something thrilling about the combination of art and fashion.  Malika Favre uses a minimal style with bold colors and strong, simple shapes. Shadows and light play create a juxtaposition of light and dark to create colorful silhouettes.  If you love fashion, check out our favorite magazine illustrators for gorgeous couture and one-of-kind graffiti doodling.   Malika prefers to work on editorials and values her freedom of expression.  We love her strong lines and provocative style!

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | New Yorker magazine | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Malika Favre

Track Record

Don’t take our word for it! Companies like The New Yorker, Sephora, Gucci, and Chanel have all commissioned works from Malika Favre. Her art has graced covers of magazines and buildings. She does packaging and seasonal work as a freelance designer and illustrator. Our hats go off to ladies in the freelance world, who are able to work on their own terms for such amazing clients.  Malika regularly puts in 10-hour days from her studio apartment and loves the challenges each client brings.

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Malika Favre


As a teenager, she had her focus on what she considered to be a more viable career path. Keeping art as a hobby, Malika Favre initially pursued an education in engineering. Finding her course study to be intensely physics and mathematics-oriented, she began to miss having a more well-rounded education. She quickly began to miss classes like French literature, philosophy, and English. With the intention of becoming an art director at an ad agency, she applied to art school instead.

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Malika Favre
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Negative Space

In art class, she began playing around with minimal design. Malika Favre started experimenting with negative space, learning to hint at the subjects in front of her. The movement of a line became more important to her and she began the process of pairing things down to their essential form.

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | Girlfriend is Better
Artist: Malika Favre

Processes of a Designer

After art school, she worked with a design studio and learned how to talk with clients and present her work. Using the process designers allowed Malika Favre to learn how to build relationships and gave her the business sense to succeed as a freelancer. She learned that it takes more than talent to succeed, you need to know how to choose your clients, know when to say yes or no, and be able to market yourself.

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | Stokholm | Girlfriend is Better
Stokholm by Malika Favra

Sources of Inspiration

Currently residing in London, she enjoys the ever-changing world of city life and dreams of traveling to beautiful and exotic places. Using inspiration from her environment, such as building or street markets, Malika Favre has maintained a very Parisian influence in her art. She is drawn to colors or interesting lines and loves to fool around with erotica in her work. Walking the fine line between vulgarity and sophistication, her work has often been described as cheeky, narrative, and very sexy.

Malika Favre French Graphic Artist | Love by the Book | Girlfriend is Better
Love by the Book by Malika Favre

More Malika

Visit to stay updated with her work or to purchase from her shop. Malika Favre continues to experiment and play and is constantly innovating products and ways to present her design work. Follow her Instagram, @malikafavre or check out her feed here for more fun!

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