Horseshoe Chairs Never Take a Back Seat to Style

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Is there such a thing as too many chairs? Our favorite styles (add it to the top of the list) certainly include horseshoe chairs. Curvy and comfy, they cradle you in exquisite workmanship and style. Learn about these unique and flexible pieces of furniture and consider adding a few to your home.

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Horseshoe Chairs

First, travel back to the Ming Dynasty for 500 years of these elegant designs. The arms and back of horseshoe chairs have deep roots in the history of Chinese craftmanship. If you love Chinoiserie chic decor styles as we do, these are a total staple! Add one or two as a conversation piece in a living room or dining room.

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What is This Joinery You Speak Of

To truly appreciate the style you first need an understanding of joinery. The curved armrest of horseshoe chairs is generally constructed with three to five segments. Anyone interested in Chinese furniture should become very familiar with the different types of joinery that contribute to the strength and quality.

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Caned + Able

Chairs with caned backs are quite lovely in pairs because they are quite compact in size. Create an east-meets-west vibe with horseshoe chairs and an antique pedestal table. Perfect for that cozy little kitchen nook you were wanting to create. Sip your afternoon tea in comfort and recharge for the day.

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Wood You Know It

Once you have an understanding of joinery, learn a little about the types of wood used. Typical horseshoe chairs are made from cypress or walnut. Less expensive varieties are made with bamboo or rattan. The horseshoe-shaped back is generally soaked in water and then bent to the desired form. In China, they were considered to be humble and practical and were used inside and outside the home.

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Heavenly Hygge

If you have a space that is all white, consider toning down the energy of the metal element with wood. Simple horseshoe chairs can bring instant character to a guest bedroom. The addition of the wood element promotes upward growth and natural wood is perfect for hygge decor. A horseshoe chair is a terrific collectible because it is wonderfully minimal and yet substantial. Place a simple chair next to a bed as a simple way to fill a small space.

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Favorite Vintage Finds

Finally, when shopping for chairs, you can easily find a vintage beauty that fits your budget. Our favorite vintage horseshoe chairs have a ton of unique characteristics. We found a vintage Chinese Elm Wood Chair on sale for $315 that boasts an intricately carved back splat. Check out this pair of McGuire Rattan Caned Chairs are $520 (marked down from $2,499). You will die over the beautiful wood elegant caning. What a steal!

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Grace + Beauty

The curved arms and graceful back of these beautiful chairs can be quite breathtaking. Horseshoe chairs possess a simple elegance that refines your space with comfort. In addition, they are wonderful in a home office or in any place where casual seating needs a little boost. The more you learn about their history and what makes them unique, the more you will be sure to fall in love.

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