Landscape Paintings Keep Decor Calm, Cool, + Collected

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Nothing is more serene than a mountain stream, forest glade, or private beach. Evoke the peacefulness and calm of Mother Nature with landscape paintings. A sense of stability will overcome your home and you will be reassured, “this too, shall pass”.

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Photo courtesy: Jenni Kayne

Landscape Paintings Extend a View

Start by placing one or two pieces of art together. We love adding landscape paintings next to a window as they subconsciously extend the view from outside. Create a lovely vignette on a console table or counter by placing a basket of treasures below. This is a perfect setup for a seasoned Hygge hostess.

landscape paintings | Hygge hostess vignette kitchen window vintage frames | Girlfriend is Better
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definitely giving a new definition to house party.

Eclectic Collections

One of the best things about open shelving is that you can mix art in with your dishware. Consider adding landscape paintings to a rustic display of pottery and knick-knacks. Place artwork behind a stove for some extra cooking inspiration. Vintage artwork works best here—you don’t want to ruin something valuable with spattered grease.

landscape paintings | open shelving vintage art rustic kitchen | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Loombrand

Go Abstract

Start thinking abstract if vintage and rustic aren’t really your thing. Abstract landscape paintings still emanate a sense of calm and helps quiet decor. The causal/ contemporary vibes of Breuer-style chairs are begging for art that is the same. A punchy dining room with jungle decor styling looks great with pastel tones mixed in.

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Photo courtesy: Candy Shop Vintage

Get in Touch With Art

Many of us are turning back to art as we enter a season of staying indoors. Prop the easel back up and get started on your own beautiful landscape paintings. (This kind of pastime will especially appeal to homebodies and Scorpios.) Add a season of Bob Ross to your Netflix queue and update your paint collection via Amazon. Experiment with bright and cheerful color palettes that are the hallmarks of Spring.

landscape paintings | Pleasant Lake Jennifer Allevato art | Girlfriend is Better
“Pleasant Lake” by Jennifer Allevato

Contemporary + Cool

Let your fingers do the walking if you are best suited as an art-lover than an artist. Add art gallery-worthy landscape paintings that are a little more out-of-the-box. A special work of art tends to need its own space amid minimal decor styles. Stray from the gallery wall option and let a single work of art speak its message clearly.

landscape paintings | contemporary art minimalism decor | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Domino

Wisdom + Knowledge Center

If you are onboard with Feng Shui, place this type of art in the Wisdom + Knowledge center of your home. Mountain landscape paintings are a perfect way to evoke calming chi that stills the mind. They can also represent wood, earth, or water elements into your decor as well. Add your favorite collectibles to a home office or study to improve your ability to concentrate.

landscape paintings | Feng Shui wisdom knowledge home office study  earth water wood element | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: sfgirlbybay

Be Still My Soul

Staying at home can bring you a sense of peace and renewal. Turn your home into a haven with landscape paintings that have been treasured for generations. Look for ways to create a sense of calm and learning in your home.

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