Handmade Christmas: Crafts + Recipes to Brighten The Holidays

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Time to step back if you’re already reaching consumer saturation with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. There’s nothing that brings joy quite like a handmade Christmas. Add a little time for a decorative craft or new recipe and watch your spirits soar.

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Handmade Christmas Wreath

Our first craft brings a little Christmas hygge into effect. Grab some greenery from outside and create a pretty handmade Christmas wreath that you can hang. All you need is a wreath hoop, some floral wire, and wire cutters. These items are quite inexpensive and the end result smells just as nice as it looks! Check out the easy step-by-step instructions with (very helpful) photos. Perfect vignette with some candlesticks and a little console styling.

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Breakfast, Anyone?

Treat yourself or the whole family with a new recipe. Put on a holiday soundtrack and whip up some handmade Christmas flapjacks. These Spiced Eggnog Pancakes will please your tastebuds and your waistline. Applesauce and eggnog provide the sweetness and plenty of cinnamon brings the spice! We love using traditional ingredients in new and yummy ways.

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Citrus Garlands

Another fun craft to deck the halls and banisters are hanging strands that double as potpourri. Citrus garlands are easy handmade Christmas decor and make any entryway smell just heavenly. Pick up a 5-10 lb. bag of oranges, a chockful of dried bay leaves, and wood beads to create this simple but beautiful garland. It takes about 4-5 hours to dry oranges in the oven. This is a perfect project that warms your house while you multitask.

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Present Toppers

Nothing is more fun than wrapping packages with a personal touch. Diamond-shaped yarn weavings, known as God’s eyes, are a delightful handmade Christmas present topper. They are a great project to share with older children who need a creative outlet. A couple of wooden dowels any any color of yarn will do. God’s eyes are a little tricky at first, but once you do one, you’ll get the hang of it. This is also a great project that you can bundle up in your purse and do as you’re waiting.

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Modern Wreath

If you can’t stand the cleanup of pine needles and such, a modern wreath might be the right decor item. A simple handmade Christmas hanging made of wooden beads are easy for anyone to make. We love the minimalism of the simple strands and the greens gracing the top. This one requires some sawing to get the dowels the right length. The rest of it is as simple as stringing beads.

handmade Christmas wreath | minimalism easy wood bead garland modern wall hanging | Girlfriend is Better
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Sipping Steamers

Steamers are our favorite alternative to the traditional hot cocoa. Warm beverages definitely make it on our handmade Christmas list. Try a Vermont Pure Maple Syrup Steamer that will warm you from the inside out. Pour it into a rustic mug and definitely opt in on the whipped cream and cinnamon topper.

handmade Christmas | Vermont Pure Maple Syrup Steamer recipe whipped cream cinnamon | Girlfriend is Better

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Cozy Up To Christmas

All of our recipes and crafts have been selected with a busy schedule in mind. Be sure to take time to make a handmade Christmas treat or two this month. A little bit of home goes a long way this season so make one or two extra to share.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas: Crafts + Recipes to Brighten The Holidays

  1. Don’t forget the Christmas brick! Wrap bricks in brightly colored Christmas paper, put on a beautiful ribbon and bow. Placing them under the tree makes it look like the kidz have lots of presents. What a great laugh when they open them Christmas morning!!!

  2. And don’t forget the old tradition of wrapping up the socks and other dirty laundry the kids leave laying around the house. This is a cheerful reminder for them to remember who is, and who isn’t, the house slave.

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