Winter Layers Are as Smart as They Look

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‘Tis the season for layering and we are loving getting bundled up in this season’s styles. It’s never been easier to look pulled together in comfy, cozy winter layers. Hats and scarves are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll love the inspiration from street style abounding in the country and on city streets.

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Winter Layers From The Ground Up

Start from the bottom and work your way up with wool socks that are as fun as they are warm. We love wool socks with a little extra pizzazz; and not just around the holidays. Check out Stance or CHUP socks in our favorite Fair Isle knits and eclectic design styles. Your little toes will never get cold and you’ll always look great putting your feet up.

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Hitting it with house.

Menswear For Fair Maidens

With three-piece suits in full effect, those men sure know how to layer. Winter layers work best when the right fabrics are chosen. That means smart weaves like cashmere and merino knit wool. Merino wool is soft enough to wear close to your skin and doesn’t bunch as much as cashmere. Cashmere is about as comfortable as you can get, so make your price trade-off’s as you like.

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Head Gear Heat Principles

Did you know? You lose 7-10% of your body heat through your head. One of the most important winter layers you can sport is a beanie or wool cap. Of course they are perfect for bad-weather-hair days and keep your ears snug as well. We love caps in soft pastels because they add a nice pop of color to basic black.

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Hang in a Hoodie

Our next look gives business causal a whole new meaning. One of the most underrated winter layers is a trusty hooded sweatshirt. Pair a favorite hoodie with an insane mid-length coat in a bright color or trendy print. Knee boots keep your favorite barrel jeans going into the new year.

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Preventative Health Care

One of the best ways to stay well is with a thick turtleneck sweater or neck scarf. Implementing the right winter layers can actually help prevent common colds. Going from one extreme temperature to another is tough on your system. Wrap up your neck before you head outside and keep your nose warm as well.

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Jingle Jumpers + Overalls

An easy way to add an extra layer without a sweater or vest is with a jumper or overalls. A one-piece keeps your winter layers slim and trim. Just add your favorite full-length coat and you’re ready to go. We especially love the rocking look of a jumper paired with a cool beanie and work boots.

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Layer it Like You Mean it

Keeping warm doesn’t have to be a total fashion sacrifice. The right winter layers can add an element of fun to your outfit. Whether you prefer preppy outfits or something with a little more flair, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite pieces of fashion inspiration and make them work for the cold weather in 6 seconds flat.

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