Full-Length Coats To Hibernate in This Winter

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Brr!  It’s getting really cold out there.  Time to cocoon ourselves in full-length coats that will warm us and protect from the elements.  Our favorite styles are big and bulky, with enough space to layer and then some!  One good coat will take you from points A-Z and bring you home in one piece.

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Full-Length Coats to The Max

Starting with the most extreme coverage, we head over to the trusty trench.  Full-length coats in duster long lengths keep your legs dry and there’s something to be said for that.  We love plaid and polka dot trenches, but a head-to-toe beige will always do.  This style looks best with a low-profile boot or canvas sneaker, depending on the puddle factor outside.  

full-length coats trench duster | Girlfriend is Better
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Here’s one for your headphones if you’re a technophile.

Go Vintage

This is the best time to hit your favorite vintage haunts.  Vintage full-length coats in faux fur or wool are pretty much the most fun things to shop for.  Our favorites are menswear inspired with a straight, longline sihouette. Of course, we recommend the high-water pants trend this season and possibly BFF arm candy.

full-length coats faux fur camel wool vintage | Girlfriend is Better
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Puff The Magic Dragon

Puffers have been in for awhile, but the short styles are a little tired.  Instead, opt for full-length coats in puffer styles that have an a-line shape.  Get outside of the black zone and go for olive or forest green instead.  This is a nice way to incorporate our favorite Fall hiking styles into the colder months.  The bonus to sporting a waterproof sleeping bag with a hood is the hands-free element of no umbrella.  Very city life.

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Business Casual

Another good trench style is the belted variety.  Belted full-length coats are super office appropriate and are very grown up.  The trendiest styles are oversized with frontal buttons.  Total meeting of the minds.

full-length coats belted trench duster camel beige | Girlfriend is Better
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Pass The Plaid

Stay festive and casual during the holidays with denim on denim and a big dose of plaid.  Cheery plaid full-length coats in soft blues and bright reds are just the ticket!  Look for a sturdy wool blend with oversized pockets and you’ve got a keeper.  Cheers, indeed.  We love this color combo.

full-length coats wool plaid denim red blue | Girlfriend is Better
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Security Blanket

Faux and teddy furs are also wonderful to wrap up in.  For ultimate comfort, look for full-length coats with large lapels in faux shearling. They usually have side seam pockets that can double as mittens in a pinch. It’s always nice to wear a little statement maker that is super cozy to boot.

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Now’s The Time

To get the most use out of your coat, it’s best to buy now.  Full-length coats are available in abundance and will get max use until late Spring.  It’s the most important element in a Winter wardrobe, so splurge for quality.  Look for styles that won’t pill and that will keep you toasty and warm.  Your health may depend on it and you’re certainly worth it!

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