Yellow and Orange: Add Some Sunshine to Your Soul

Yellow Tory Burch maxi dress | Spring fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Time to bring some sunshine into your life! Pantone’s colors for Spring this year include the “heat and vitality” of Primrose Yellow and the “gregarious and fun-loving” Flame. That’s yellow and orange in layman’s terms. I’m loving the upbeat and warm color schemes combined with new takes on familiar trends.

Yellow and orange desert color inspiration for Spring | Girlfriend is Better
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Yellow and Orange in the Desert

I’m too excited for the weather to warm up and headed out to the desert last weekend to get my fill of sunshine and friendship. The scenery was spotted with delicate wildflowers in yellow and orange up in the rocky hills and along the rocky roads. Pull your color scheme from the essence of the desert this season and rejuvenate your soul.

Desert yellow and orange spring dress | Girlfriend is Better
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Tropical Glam

However, this color palette isn’t exclusive to the desert. Floral blouses in yellow and orange prints add that tropical glam to your look. To complete the ensemble, add a pair of retro sunnies or a structured straw purse like the ones we were drooling over last week. If you can’t go on vacation, take a mental break and at least dress the part! That’s half the fun, anyway 🙂

Yellow and orange with a tropical glam vibe | Spring fashion | Girlfriend is Better
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Bohemian Blouses

Another fun look that is just as breezy involves an eclectic peasant blouse here and there. Loose and airy blouses in exotic yellow and orange prints make an impact effortlessly! They dress up jeans in a snap and also look amazing paired with a straw bag in tow. I also like this look accented with wood bangles or large natural statement earrings. You can go as simple or maximized as your heart desires!

Yellow and orange peasant blouses for Bohemian charm | Spring fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Icíar J. Carrasco via Vogue Spain
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Bold Stripes

This color scheme also works with conservative looks. Take yellow and orange in big bold stripes and pair with anything blue. Blue is a natural complimentary color that works well with the dynamic duo. It helps bring a sense of freshness and stability, which any conservative girl will attest to. A great pair of distressed denim jeans or a bold statement earring work perfect!

Statement earring and bold striped blouse in yellow and orange for Spring | Girlfriend is Better
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That Waist Goes All The Way Up

You remember our ode to the high-rise pant last Fall? This season’s update pairs a high-rise waist with yellow and orange fabric. Total 70’s and super sexy! Keep your top uber simple and rock these with flats for a beach look that works! If you must pair with a platform (these pants tend to run on the long end of the stick), try a wood clog to keep the look basic.

Flared high-rise pants in yellow and orange for spring and summer fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Chronicles of Her

Rock Out With Your Knockout

Did I mention platforms? For a look that makes a major statement, minimize your outfit and maximize your shoes! Massive platform boots in yellow and orange look amazing paired with light pink or rose colors. This is for youth and club kids only, but ohhhh what an impact. I absolutely cannot get enough of the platforms I keep seeing on runways. Obsession.

Marc Jacobs platform boots in yellow and orange | Spring fashion 2017 | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Marc Jacobs

Reverse That Bomber

While we’re still in rainy season, take your classic bomber jacket colors and turn them inside out! A true weapon would be a reversible bomber that can go black on formal days and yellow and orange on party nights. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I actually found such a thing on Net-a-Porter. The Open Ceremony Reversible Embroidered Jacket is worth every cent! Think of all the possibilities..

Bomber jacket in yellow and orange for spring | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vogue UK


Maxi dresses in sheer fabrics are still as relevant as ever and look amazing in bright colors. Go monochromatic by matching a yellow and orange maxi with a saddle bag in the same color. I love print mixing, but matchy-matchy works great when you’re dealing with lots of fabric. It helps elongate your figure and makes the brightness of the color super tolerable on the average person’s eyes. Check out our article on yellow from winter for more ideas and some shopping helps.

Yellow and orange maxis in monochrome | Paris Fashion Week SS17 Street Style | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Elle UK

Keep the Effort to a Minimum

The styles we are loving most in maxi dresses are super flowing and simple. Pair a yellow and orange maxi dress with nothing more than simple sandals. The easier your look is, the more you can get away with brighter colors. Billowy sleeves and modest necklines can boast all the color they want. They still hint at the beauty lying on the inside and isn’t that the truth?

Yellow and orange maxi dress with billowy sleeves for spring fashion | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @scontent via Instagram

Sunny Personality

Wearing bright colors does not mean you have to stick out like a sore thumb and have a bubbly personality to match. The yellow and orange hues for this season are quite a bit softer and have a more peaceful impact. That’s why I felt like the sun-saturated desert colors were so on point. It’s more about being warm and inviting, in a real and meaningful way. Soak in some sunshine whenever possible and let that Vitamin D have a healing effect on your heart and mind. Remember to take it easy while you take care of yourself and others these next few months. Throw on a bright color as a supplement to your good efforts.

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  1. Hi i really like the jeans under the “THAT WAIST GOES ALL THE WAY UP” titel.
    In wich shop can i get it or where an i order it online?
    Thank you so much for the help

    1. Hi Mandy, we recommend Madewell or Urban Outfitters for high-waist jeans that fit great. Thanks for reading!

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