Scorpio: Staying in is the New Going Out

Scorpio astrology decor guide | mid-century modern collectibles | Girlfriend is Better
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Hey baby, what’s your sign? We’re enthralled with the hidden art of astrology and how the stars align with personalities. Just for fun, we’ve put together a reference guide for adding decor that is personal to each sun sign. Since this is the month of Scorpio, we’ll focus on the details that make their homes imaginative and comfortable. If this isn’t your sign, think of a special person in your life that might enjoy a gift with the right touch instead. Learning what makes this sun sign special can give you a little extra direction when needed.

Scorpio astrology decor guide | Bohemian print mixing | Girlfriend is Better
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Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Needing a little privacy? A Scorpio relishes in the stay-cation principle. Take a look at some of our tropical home ideas for ways to make staying home a vacation-like experience! We like this Embroidered Palm Tree Lumbar Pillow or this Allover Beaded Cockatoo Pillow from Pier 1 as a fun tropical addition to any sofa. Have you heard? Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is the latest decor trend that focuses on coziness, lighting, and candles. Snuggle up to a Hygge experience Scorpio-style with natural fibers and comfortable seating.

Scorpio astrology decor guide | Hygge coziness | Girlfriend is Better
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This water sign is an idealist at heart. Scorpio is a water sign and they use their intuition to place art and furniture. If you’re a Scorpio struggling to tap into your inner chi, check out our handy dandy Feng Shui guide. It uses an energy blueprint to help map out your home.  Many times, this water sign is naturally right on target!

Scorpio astrology home decor guide | Feng Shui furniture placement | Girlfriend is Better
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Passion With a Purpose

There is nothing aimless about the way a scorpion maneuvers through life.  A Scorpio uses their imaginations, passions, and persistence to move about in the world. Use strong lines and focus on the details.  Add a Large Capiz Lotus Pendant Shade (now on sale!) to a covered patio or entryway.  Handcrafted by artisans in the Philippines, white capiz seashells give the pendant a soothing glow when illuminated.  This purposeful sign does everything with precision and the beauty lies in the most subtle of nuances.

Scorpio astrology home decor guide | Passion + detail-oriented | Girlfriend is Better
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Frankly, Scarlet

Creativity is a must! Scorpio colors are crimson, burgundy, and maroon; which are the glowing colors of passion.  If you are purchasing a gift for anyone in this sign, stay in the red tones for a safe bet.  Dramatic works of art or handmade items with bold graphics or prints are also a win.

Scorpio astrology home decor guide | Use colors in red tones | Girlfriend is Better
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Keep it in the Underground

Scorpios tend to run in the underground scenes. Books on the occult, astrology, or tarot are great choices for lining a Scorpio bookshelf. Get out the old turn table and vinyl and put them on display with our record player decor ideas.  We also just did a write-up on neon art that would hit these creative geniuses straight to the heart.

Scorpio astrology home decor guide | Books on the occult | Girlfriend is Better
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You Are My Destiny

A sense of destiny persists with Scorpios, so sometimes just that magical vintage find will do just right.  Do you know your love languages?  Take your quality time Scorpio to a local flea market and see what attracts their eye.  Generally, there will be one special item that will call to them, that you would never expect.

Scorpio astrology home decor guide | Natural fibers, coziness | Girlfriend is Better
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Soul Power

One of the best traits of this determined sign is their faith in their spiritual abilities. A Scorpio can sometimes come across as being rather intense, but this is a positive trait. They have a true belief in their ability to achieve their dreams. Use your surroundings to enhance this quality and watch that Scorpio go!

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