Ranch Style Fashion: So You Think You’re a Cowboy

Ranch style cowgirl fashion cowboy hat floral dress | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Rue Stiic

Summer/Fall transition seasons can sometimes be the most fun.  The weather is still warm, but ranch style is bringing fashion back home.  The trick is in the accessories!  Check out these country-cool looks that will help put a spring in your step this month.  “Don’t wait for tomorrow to bring you your dreams/ ‘Cause by the time that you get there they’re gone.”

Ranch style all white dress cowboy boots | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Vanessa Mooney

Ranch Style Dream Come True

First stop, denim.  Ranch style is wonderful in September when you’re talking a full-blown denim jumpsuit.  A slightly cropped denim jumpsuit is trendiest and looks amazing with boots.  Add a western belt at the waist to maintain your girlish figure.  Then roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Ranch style denim jumpsuit Lily Aldridge | Girlfriend is Better
Girlfriend: Lily Aldridge | Photo courtesy: Alexander Saladrigas via InStyle

Any Old Arms Won’t Do

Sticking with the one-piece theme, details like pockets and stitching can make all the difference.  We are loving khaki jumpsuits that rock a little ranch style from the 1950s.  A jumpsuit with a pleated waist or built-in belt is the easiest way to work in menswear.  We love mixing in ultra trendy tiny sunglasses with vintage looks like these.  “But just any old heart won’t do/ It must belong to you.”

Ranch style khaki belted jumpsuit tiny sunglasses | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Blame It On The Times

For more fashion inspiration, check out the this video of Chloé’s Fall 2018 runway. Chloé is layering ranch style blouses and autumn colors with bold accessories. Long gold lariats, wide bracelets, and dark tights give 70s impact to each outfit. Worth a splurge? Chloé’s long v-neck blouses keep the lapels wide and the cuffs long. Ankle boots and leather bags with handle and strap details finish the look. “To want to stand alone is not a crime.”

Ranch style blouse wide lapels bourgeois bohemian | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Chloé

On The Road Again

For easy rambling looks that mimic the one-piece, a pantsuit is just as good.  It is fun to combine bold patterns with ranch style simplicity.  Colors in warmer palettes remind us of grassy fields and amber skies.  Fabrics in soft cottons, silk, or velour keep things on the feminine side of the spectrum.  “Goin’ places that I’ve never been/ Seein’ things that I may never see again.”

Ranch style brown zig zag pantsuit | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Rainy Day Blues

Our favorite Fall dresses have country prints and vintage washes.  Spruce up your ranch style look with accessories like a wide-brimmed hat and simple jewelry.  A drawstring leather bucket bag with structured sides is roomy enough for your stuff without all the bulk. It’s still warm enough to wear our favorite summer sandals or slides.  Hope you stocked up a few of those already!  “Save your dimes and nickels save ’em for a rainy day/ It ain’t gonna keep the rain from coming but at least you know you’ve paid your way.”

Ranch style floral maxi dress bucket bag cowboy hat | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Sezane

Pick Up The Pieces

Back to swooning over plaidA silk neck scarf gives a head-to-toe plaid pantsuit a little bit of ranch style and nixes the need for a blouse.   Make sure the jacket is form-fitting and keep your hair casual.  This is not a structured look!  A plaid pant set can also have the same easy country style with tons of tomboy charm.   “I should be happy but I’m feeling so so/ There’s something missing and I bet you it’s you.”

Ranch style work wear plaid pantsuit neck scarf | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Josh Shinner via Harper’s Bazaar

My Kind of Girl

Belts, and hats, and ankle boots, and buttons.  Ranch style brings a tough edge to a hard working woman’s outfit.  Using a fall color palette and western accessories is a great way to get into the Fall vibe with a little bit of fun.  (Also, take a look at our creative bandana ideas and we’ve always got plaid and neck scarves coming out of our ears.)  This look is not new, but definitely has a delightful vintage twist, so hit your favorite country stores and thrift shops this month! “And my heart has a kind of joy/ ‘Cause in her mind, I’m just her kind of boy”

(All quotes courtesy Willie Nelson.)

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  1. YeeeeeHawwww! There’s something irresistible about a girl in cowboy attire, driving a truck! Just sayin’.

    Why do guys love it when a girl wears leather? Cause they smell like a new trucks upholstery.

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