Silver Linings and Color Psychology

Silver and color psychology | Girlfriend is Better
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Wake up feeling a little anti-social? Time to add a little disco to your day!  All it takes is a flash of silver to help you lighten up and throw some attitude at the same time.  Take a cue from color psychology because the colors we see and wear have a profound effect on our moods. In this case, silver has a feminine energy and is related to the moon and tides of the ocean.  Think about phasing your mindset while this shiny color illuminates your way forward.

First, start with a sick pair of shoes.

Silver shoes + color psychology | Girlfriend is Better
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Cool Silver Jacket

Bored of the leather moto jacket?  O-ho!  Stick to the shiny variety.  Silver colors are associated with prestige and wealth and protects itself from outside negativity. Use the versatility of the color to project modernity and allure in your otherwise casual outfit.  Silver jackets are so much cooler.

Silver jacket + color psychology | Dsquared2 Resort 2017 collection | Girlfriend is Better
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Music Alert! Okay, put this track on and go have some FUN. Time to lighten up, dude.
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Silver sequins + color psychology | Girlfriend is Better
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Like yours truly, this color can be a little indecisive and non-committal. Take a step and commit to the color with shimmery fabrics instead that shine and glow. Add pops of color with bright lipstick or accessories to keep yourself from disappearing. While silver is shiny, it still has a tendency to fade into the background. No wallflowers allowed!

Silver + color psychology | Carven Resort 2017 Fashion Show | Girlfriend is Better
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Silver Compassion

Since silver is representative of the ebb and flow of the tides, wearing it in soft, flowing fabrics is perfect. Give your cranky self the feeling of letting water roll off your back. In addition, try to take things a little more in stride. Ebony and ivory.. grey’s shiny counterpart is seen as unbiased and compassionate. Step outside of yourself for the day and wear something that is reflective of peace.

Silver + color psychology | Co Resort 2016 | Girlfriend is Better
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Adding some shine into your day is easy! We’ve compiled a handy-dandy bunch of items that you can add to any outfit. Winner takes all.

Silver fashion finds | Girlfriend is Better
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1. Love Moschino Silver Bomber
2. H&M Silver Sunglasses
3. JCrew SIlver Perforated Leather Belt
4. Jeffrey Campbell Loretta Leather Boots
5. Free People Night Runner Shorts

Hi, Closet

Get your disco on!  It’s important that you start your day off on the right foot. That means having fun in your closet!  Leave a comment if you find any rad merchandise since we’re on the hunt. Better yet, email us a picture of you in it.

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