Abstract Prints Freshen Up Fall Fashion

Photo courtesy: Atelier Bingo

Let your inner artist savant free! This year’s abstract prints are like a breath of fresh air in the fashion world. Designers are trending towards luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics that are both creative and cool. Our favorite prints are fresh takes on old styles and are much more fun to wear.

Photo courtesy: Alexander Henry Kabali Cheetah via Etsy

Abstract Prints

Maxi dresses are wonderfully draped in silk or satin and the right mix of color. For full-length clothing, we recommend keeping abstract prints large and full of whitespace. Remember, whitespace doesn’t need to be white! This is the space between elements. It flows down your eyes as they travel from top to bottom.

Photo courtesy: Jasmine Hayat

Hey, Ladies!

For fabrics that boast a lot of whitespace, we especially like Picasso-esque drawings of faces. These styles of abstract prints are very modern and look fresh on an ordinary white blouse. Pair one with an oversized blazer and a throw on a colorful neck scarf to finish the look. Perfect for the office or a quick run down to the MOMA.

Photo courtesy: Interior Delux

Paintbrush Patterns

Another terrific look for blouses or skirts uses a form of color blocking. Try abstract prints in primary or secondary colors that look like they were applied with a few strokes of a paintbrush. Larger strokes look best nice and wide, thinner strokes look pretty in small, repetitive dashes. Get inspired with watercoloring and use that art form as a guide.

Photo courtesy: Fashion Tasty

So Cool They Need Sunglasses

Much of this style had its heyday in the 80s of course. Some of the best items you will find with abstract prints will come from your favorite vintage shop. Check out our articles on windbreakers and 80s street style for more inspiration. Clothing that can double as a work of art is simply spectacular!

Photo courtesy: Arts Thread

Abstract Flora

If you love print mixing or floral dresses in general, change it up this season. Large, abstract prints that are more of an impression of a floral is much preferred. We usually love plaid on plaid but are giving it a rest for a time. These choices are just too good to pass up.

Photo courtesy: Vogue Paris

Abstract Fauna

Another perfect pattern choice builds off the trusty Hawaiian shirt. Large, tropical abstract prints with cheery splashes of color liven up winter-worn black any day of the week. Large leaves and brush strokes that mimic your favorite animal prints will suffice. Best on a blouse but works any way you see fit.

Photo courtesy: Amelia Graham

Not So Stuffy

Finally, one of the best things about this style is that it keeps you from looking so dark and severe. The right abstract prints keep things fresh and can add a dose of femininity. They are perfect for the office or out during cocktail hour. Add a terrific high-quality item to your winter wardrobe and you will be amazed at how much you end up wearing it.

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