Pianos Take Center Stage in Home Decor

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Small gatherings will warm your heart when winter’s chill drives everyone indoors.  We love pianos for such occasions because they add informal music to the atmosphere.  A small upright in a social location will lift everyone’s spirits. Add a few collectibles and your own source for musical inspiration and you’ve got the perfect touch.

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Pianos + Hygge

Don’t box yourself into a family room or formal living room.  Pianos are just as suitable in kitchens, dining rooms, and anywhere your family gets together.  Simple medleys can set the tone for your household and can bring peace or joy. Look for a vintage piano with natural wood and create the perfect hygge atmosphere wherever you like.

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Energy Uplift

Check out our Feng Shui articles on the wood element and the water elementBlack pianos are a smart-looking way of incorporating positive energy into any space.  Additionally, piano music is uplifting and sends good vibrations, regardless of the level of talent.  If a piano feels too stark, warm up a bench with one of our favorite Mexican blankets.

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Creative Seating

You can also get creative with your seating choices.  Set pianos apart with creative seat alternatives to the standard bench.  A bentwood chair or a vintage stool gives some extra curve to an upright.  Place additional seating nearby to encourage get-togethers and sing-alongs. Emphasize the wood element with plenty of Feng-Shui-approved indoor plants.

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Bohemian Beauty

For lovers of the Humanities, a strong vintage piano is an absolute must.  Look for vintage pianos that are strong in character and rich in beauty. Add musical instruments and art sculptures around them as an endless source of inspiration.  Use space in the Feng Shui Creativity area for a Bohemian eclectic smorgasbord of all of your favorite things. Color is especially welcome here!

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Kill Your Televison

Beyond your basic built-in, a nook generally reserved for desks or TV armoirs is better suited for our favorite musical instrument.  Rethink spaces in your home and consider placing pianos in focal areas instead of electronics. Add some open shelving to fill in the gaps and keep your piano top clear.  This is a good idea when you have plenty of sheet music that needs to be stored nearby.

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Love + Care

If you own a piano, be sure to take good care of it with regular tuning and cleaning.  Pianos tend to be handed down through generations and should be treated as such. A well-worn beauty can get a little TLC with wood polish and well-worn benches just need seat toppers.  Make sure to dust yours regularly and change the decor around it as well. Our console styling tips work just as well with a piano.  Make sure the wood is well-guarded from water by using trivets and coasters.

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Put Into Practice

Take another look at your space and pull your piano back out into the limelight.  Work pianos back into your decor to encourage more music and wholesome recreation. Add a set of lessons to your schedule and get back into practice.  The result will be uplifting to you and everyone within listening distance, we promise.

One thought on “Pianos Take Center Stage in Home Decor

  1. These are such beautiful pianos. Our piano isn’t really ‘center stage’, but it gives our front room most of it’s personality. It’s beat up, out of tune, has had one potpourri fire, and conspicuous initials carved in it by an exceptional 5 year old. Once someone hid an Easter egg in it, years passed before the egg was found. Mom took piano lessons on it in 1963. We’ve hauled it from Adak, Alaska to Camp Pendleton, California… and from Sandy, Utah, to Rexburg, Idaho and Medford, Oregon. Actually, it’s a bit of an eyesore, but I think I could give away one of our kids before Mom would give that old piano away.

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