Kitchen Shelving Works Harder Than You Do

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Is it Spring cleaning time yet?  This month, tackle the most-used space in your home and get organized with proper kitchen shelving.  Whether your home style is modern or rustic, there are a few standard ways to implement shelves and use them.  Take a look at these ideas and schedule a weekend for sifting and sorting.

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Vintage Kitchen Shelving

Get with the Hygge program and go vintage!  When adding kitchen shelving, there is no need to purchase anything new.  Trend right now are homey and rustic and nothing beats a sturdy wooden beauty.  Layer your bowls by style and add a wooden plate rack to the top for a lovely country vignette.  Look for interesting containers when you’re antiquing and find ways to incorporate them into your decor.

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Cabinets Stealing The Show

Another sweet idea is to use a beautiful vintage cabinet as a focal point.  Keep dishes tucked away with kitchen shelving and glass doors. Use a utensil rack instead of drawers to keep your kitchen utensils handy.  This makes a kitchen instantly look open and expansive. Trade in your rows of cupboards for one pretty one that makes you happy whenever you look at it.

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Got kids?  Love mid-century modern?  Metal kitchen shelving is as clean and organized as the containers you place on it.  Invest in a set of containers to hold dry goods and use boxes to secure spices.  The benefit of metal shelves is that they are usually adjustable so you can customize your space. Perfect for cookbooks and baking appliances alike!

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Open Shelving

Another great way to make use of space is with open shelving.  You can easily add kitchen shelving in unused corners.  Add a few of your favorite Feng-Shui-approved plants to add some positive energy.  Use your artistic creativity to create a lovely vignette that can change as often as your mood dictates.

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Made For Entertaining

Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for implementing Hygge into your lifestyle.  Use kitchen shelving to keep a collection of mugs, plates, and cutting boards within arms reach.  Stock your favorite coffee or herbal teas and have a few simple ingredients on hand for easy cheese boards.  Encourage friends or neighbors to stop by and give each other a little boost throughout the week.

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A Place For Everything

The old saying goes, “a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen”.  Clear up some much-needed counter space by adding kitchen shelving.  You can also maximize empty space with a simple kitchen cart and shelves above.  Keep items you use frequently, such as baking utensils, stored in a simple container.  Place items like extra dish towels neatly folded above. Placing items you would normally keep shoved in drawers out in the open motivates neatness and prevents overstocking.

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Pare Down + Open Up

Do you really need 3 sets of measuring cups?  The best part of adding kitchen shelving to your home is that it expands storage space.  Think about displaying your kitchen items artfully and fight that compelling urge to over-accessorize.  As you organize, take stock of items that you own in triplicate and donate to a worthy cause. Decorating with purpose is much more fulfilling than just cleaning out your junk drawer.

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