Stained Glass For Dreamers and Dancers

Stained glass living room window | French country bedroom | Girlfriend is Better
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Ah, Springtime.  As fickle as the weather gets, we find ourselves seeking rainbows.  Take a look at some of our favorite stained glass inspirations and make your home dance with color.  We love the way light plays on walls and floors, it can make an ordinary day seem quite magical.  Not in the budget?  We’ve also got some fun window ornaments and a couple of easy DIYs that will satisfy the need just fine.

Stained glass windows living room | Netherlands The Hague apartment | Girlfriend is Better
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Mid-Century Modern Stained Glass

If you love mid-century modern decor, then you are probably familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright.  The architect designed over 4,000 leaded glass windows and doors in his Prairie style buildings.  Wright considered stained glass windows as an integral part of his organic design.  His early aesthetic was Japanese-inspired and he was known for using geometric abstractions such as rectangles, circles, and squares.  Get the look with simple geometry and add character to a den or office.

Stained glass windows mid-century modern office | Girlfriend is Better
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Girl Time

Did you know?  San Francisco just opened up a new women’s club called The Assembly.  The communal dream home is a place for gathering, working out, relaxing, and meeting new people.  We especially love the stained glass cupboards in the coffee bar and the fact that the space used to be a church.  The Assembly’s motto is “Permission Granted”, which means all members are encouraged to nurture themselves.  Take a look at our articles on minimalism and meditation and consider adding some spirituality into your own life.  Adding art glass into your space can serve to uplift and inspire you, too!

Stained glass window in Women Only lounge The Assembly San Francisco | Girlfriend is Better
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Window Ornaments

Adding a little color to your window space doesn’t have to be costly.  Find stained glass window ornaments to dangle from a window instead.  We especially love Stained Glass Feathers by New York artist Colin Adrian.  They are made of copper and glass and look amazing clustered together.  Supporting artists is a terrific way to introduce handmade artwork into your home if you register low on the creativity scale. Find a piece that speaks to you and display it with equal pride.

Stained glass feathers | Girlfriend is Better
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DIY With Window Film

An easy Saturday project for you DIY-ers involves a few sheets of window film and an exacto knife.  Create your own custom stained glass windows using long wearing adhesive film or reusable static cling film.  This simple DIY guide by Emily Henderson and some window film from Gila makes adding color fun and easy! Mix-and-match colors and styles to add privacy to your home without blocking the light.  For more privacy ideas, check out our article on room dividers and create a cozy space that you can walk around in the buff.

Stained glass DIY window film | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Style by Emily Henderson

Add Character

If you’re looking to fix up a space, windows can give a room instant wow-factor pretty inexpensively.  Ditch the curtains and opt for beautiful stained glass windows instead.  Hide a less-than-desirable view with a glorious work of art.  Did you love our feature on macrame wall hangings?  Consider flexing your artistic muscles and take a class on stained glass in your area.  Learn how to score and cut glass to a template of your own creation!  If soldering irons are too intense for you, A Beautiful Mess also has a cool DIY Faux Stained Glass you might like to try instead.  All these options.  No room for excuses.

Stained glass window living room | French country | Girlfriend is Better
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Vintage Window Panels

Another great idea is to go to the local flea market!  (We thought you might like that one.)  Many times you can find a vintage stained glass window frame that can be hung in front of an existing window.  Genius!  Be sure to measure a few ideal windows before you go, so you can find a perfect fit.  Etsy is also a good source for vintage stained glass window hangings.  We especially love these in French country styles.

Stained glass kitchen window | French country | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: Rebecca Piccolo

Beginning to See the Light

Getting creative with your space should be thoughtful and dreamy.  Adding stained glass to a window is one of the best ways to lift spirits at home.  Using materials such as window film is great for temporary spaces and small areas. Whether you go big with color, or keep it simple with clear, art glass will let light dance and play as it enters.  Have fun and let us know what you do!

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  1. I’ve used privacy film before, but never thought of doing it like stained glass. Thanks for the great DIY idea!

    1. You’re welcome! Glad you like it. Ever since this article I’ve been noticing stained glass everywhere…

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