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National Coffee Day is September 29 so celebrate with your favorite barista or enjoy a quiet cup of Joe at home. A home coffee station might be a fun addition this month and it’s pretty easy to organize. We’ve gathered some terrific DIY ideas that can help you pull your morning routine into something a little more special.

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Home Coffee Station Organization

Consider using a bart cart to expand your kitchen space. Keep your home coffee station organized by separating mugs from the main prep area. If you have a kitchen nook with a bistro table, place your station close by. This ties the two areas together and makes refilling comfortable and easy.

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Cozy Corners

Use open shelving in an otherwise neglected corner in your kitchen. A home coffee station helps you keep like items together. This makes perfect sense when tackling kitchen organization. Save time moving back and forth around your kitchen to grab mugs and prep tools.

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Helping The Hostess

You can easily create a space that works for your lifestyle. A home coffee station can play double-duty as a hostess station. Hygge living places an emphasis on being ready for casual visits and entertaining guests. Display pretty glassware and a collection of platters below your coffee workstation. Biscotti and other snacks should be on hand at all times so be sure to keep your bar properly stocked.

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Simple Abundance

You don’t have to have fancy machinery to justify creating a station in your home. Creating a home coffee station can be as simple as keeping your coffee close to your pot and mugs. We love the vintage styling of Smeg so consider upgrading yours if you are keeping one out in plain sight.

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Tea Station

Consider all of the beverages your family consumes on a regular basis and keep them in one place. Set aside a drawer for tea in your home coffee station. Homemade herbal teas can be stored in compact jars and look pretty on display. Store bought teas can be removed from their bulky boxes and be streamlined in an organized kitchen drawer. Keep napkins and alternative sweeteners handy as well.

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Beverage Blow Out

Non coffee drinkers can join the fun with a beverage station for hot chocolate and steamers. Create a home coffee station effect with pretty jars and shakers. Stock your station with spices and flavors that you enjoy. Italian sodas are always a fun treat and party straws make them feel extra special. Arrange everything on a pretty tray and let guests help themselves.

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Casual Entertaining

Entertaining your guests in style or bring that French cafe experience into your daily life. Adding a beverage station helps you stay organized and saves money, too. Learn how to concoct your favorite drinks at home and invest in a couple of to-go cups. Staying home can be just as enjoyable if you set your space up right.

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