Straw Hats Seem Kind of Shady

Wide brim straw hats for summer | Girlfriend is Better
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The sun is officially beating down enough to necessitate sunblock and sun hats. Add a little mystery to your look with straw hats that shade your eyes and protect your hair color. Who is that lady hiding under that wide natural brim? Felt chapeaus have been traded in for their easy straw counterparts, which work perfect for the beach, pool, or window shopping. It seems like there are a few particular trendy shapes and weaves that we should delve into.

Wide brim straw hats with tassels | Girlfriend is Better
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Sun Hats

Any hat that shades your face and shoulders from the sun is invariably referred to as a sun hat. Sun hats are straw hats with floppy brims as wide as your little heart desires. If you are going for French girl cool, a sun hat and pair of cat eyes are a must! There are some really cool updates to vintage sunglasses styles, be sure to check out our article on those when you’re done here.

Sun straw hats in French girl style for summer | Girlfriend is Better
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Panama Hats

Got a thing for Indiana Jones? Then get yourself a Panama hat in straw! Panama hats are lightweight straw hats with a wide brim and a divot in the cap. They are the official partner in crime with anything in linen. Free People has a striking red Dean Straw Panama Hat that is doctored up with feathers and beads. Handmade in our fair city of Los Angeles, it is an attention-grabber worthy of the place of its birth. Panama hats look great with white, so take a gander at our all white outfit exposition and make it part of your summer regalia.

Summer straw hats | Panama hat | Girlfriend is Better
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Packable Straw Hats

Three of the loveliest words ever put together were “packable straw hats”. A straw hat that can travel in a suitcase or carry on bag is the hardiest of all hats in the land! Generally found with a protective, oversized brim, these hats are perfect for vacations and sightseeing destinations. Anthropologie has an Optimo Packable Floppy Hat that was handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. The 5″ sisal straw brim is not obnoxious and the crown shape makes it a Panama style. A packable hat should be part of every girl’s summer travel wardrobe! For the stay-cationers, being able to stick some instant shade in your bag has its benefits as well 😉

Packable straw hat with wide brim | Girlfriend is Better
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Palm Leaf Hats

For a girl who likes a hat with some character, a palm leaf hat is just the ticket. These unique straw hats have a wide weave made from coconut palm leaves. If you’re going to be doing a lot a beachcombing this year, rock this hat with a bikini and some cutoffs. These are not on trend, but I’m throwing it in anyway, because that’s how we roll here on GF. I like the Thousand Palms hat on Lack of Color that is handwoven by artisans in the Dominican Republic. I doubly like their suggestion to “wear this type of hat tipped slightly back on your head like a beautiful palm crown halo”. Gracia!

Coconut palm leaf straw hats | Surfer girl cool | Girlfriend is Better
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Wide Brim Boater Hats

One of the most popular styles this summer is the wide brim boater hat. Boater hats are straw hats with a flat brim and a flat top. The wider brim makes it a pretty partner for breezy summer dresses. It helps shade your shoulders and back, which is helpful when you are brunching or window shopping. Have you read our article on pinafores and overalls yet? A wide brim boater would be the right choice with either of those styles.

Wide brim boater straw hats with white dress | Girlfriend is Better
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Short Brim Boater Hats

Probably one of the hottest hat styles right now makes us think of the gondoliers in Venice.  The flat-top boater hat, but with a shorter brim.  This type of hat is generally worn at summer regattas or formal garden parties.  If it’s always a summer regatta in your mind, then feel free to wear this pretty hat wherever you may go. They are especially hip dressed up with a ribbon and topping off a blazer short set.  We like Lulu’s Wyeth Sam Hat in grey because it has the right shape and brim size.  This hat style is a little harder to find, so grab one you like as soon as you see it!

Straw hats boater style with summer suit | Girlfriend is Better
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Hide Summer Hair

If you are giving your blow dryer a break; a summer hat is mandatory.  Straw hats are the prettiest way to wear your summer hair. They give the impression that you still put effort into your look and keep your complexion healthy and young. Worn best with strapless or spaghetti strap styles, they allow the sun to dot your shoulders like jewels. Pin your hair up with bobby pins and let your decolletage do the rest of the talking!

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