Jewel Tones Are a Girl’s Best Friend

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Ready to get out of the house yet?  Find your favorite gem stone and then dress yourself in the color!  Jewel tones are rich and beautiful choices heading into early summer nightlife.  Why save your party gear for the holidays then it’s cold and you want to cover up? Bust that stuff out now, baby! Add gold for extra shimmer and shine.

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Jewel Tones Dipped in Sequins

Sequins are the prefect way to step up your nightlife game. Add emerald jewel tones to a super short mini for summer. Refuse to grow up and fly to the second star on the right with the perfect party dress.

jewel tones | sequins emerald mini dress wide shoulders 80s style | Girlfriend is Better
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Mix + Match

Mix jewel tones like pink tourmaline with lustrous topaz. Dig deep into your jewelry box to discover jewel tones in unexpected ways. We love a skater tee mashed up with a New Year’s Eve party dress. Add a wide belt to cinch up the waist and rock out warm weather style. Take a look at our favorite gold boots to finish off the look.

jewel tones | topaz gold dress tourmaline long sleeved skater tee party | Girlfriend is Better
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Animal Instincts

Now that you’re getting the hang of the look, start playing in your closet. Mix jewel tones like ruby and sapphire with animal prints like a rock star. Leopard prints were our favorites from Spring, why let it go to waste in the Summer? Keep pushing the boundaries—especially in early summer while things are still pretty cool in the evenings.

jewel tones | sapphire pants sequins ruby cropped top leopard print jacket | Girlfriend is Better
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Brocade Menswear

Another upscale option is to select fabrics like silk, satin, and satiny brocade. Pump menswear full of jewel tones like emerald, garnet, or zircon. A shimmery pant suit is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine vibes. Menswear is big right now so play with it!

jewel tones | emerald brocade pant suit Gucci belt menswear tuxedo collar party outfit | Girlfriend is Better
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Slip in Silver

Take a look at our article on the color psychology of silver and fall in love with the peaceful effects it can have on you. Silver works beautifully with lighter jewel tones like aquamarine, alexandrite, and tourmaline. White gold and rose gold are also beautiful options for layering.

jewel tones | silver pants tourmaline pink sweater party outfit | Girlfriend is Better
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Tipsy on Topaz

Similarly, neutrals can double as warmer metal colors to play well with your jewel-inspired outfit. Golden colors work great with deeper jewel tones like garnet, emerald, amethyst, and sapphire. Go big with colorful pants and then soften the look with a full-length coat that is as warm as you dare. This is a great look when you will be outside the majority of the night.

jewel tones | ruby leather pants full-length coat fur collar sunglasses | Girlfriend is Better
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Your Time to Shine

Dressing in jewel tones can make any night feel extra special. Start looking through your closet for jewel tones that you normally save for holiday wear. Think ruby, diamond, and sapphire for the 4th or pick other gemstones that represent the festive event of your choice. Sparkle, baby!

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