Pink Plants Provide a Peaceful Paradise

pink plants | plant lady miniature pottery leaves | Girlfriend is Better
Photo courtesy: @lolaflora.roslinna via Instagram

You can receive love from more than just humans. Our favorite pink plants will liven up your environment and remind you Mother Nature adores you as well. Easier than pets and less demanding than children, the perfect plant will send you welcoming vibes whenever you walk in the room.

pink plants | peperomia plant care white pottery | Girlfriend is Better
Peperomia | Photo courtesy: @alltheprettyplants via Instagram

Pink Plants on Paper

Let’s start small. It’s easy to create pink plants out of paper to use as simple table decor. If you’ve got a black thumb but a creative spirit, try this pink Caladium DIY instead. They take a PDF template, bleach, and pink and green alcohol markers to create a lifelike effect. Party on!

pink plants | paper Caladium tablescape diy gold | Girlfriend is Better
Paper Caladium | Photo courtesy: Sugar and Cloth

Pink + Green on Trend

If you’re on board with white interiors, you know the best color comes from plant life. An easy pink plant to add is a healthy stromanthe. Who knew Mother Nature would be the forerunner of all of our greatest trends? The pink and green hues of a stromanthe are the perfect shade of subdued.

pink plants | stromanthe plant care console italian wine jug green | Girlfriend is Better
Stromanthe | Photo courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Freshen Up

As long time Feng Shui aficionados, we know the best way to attract healthy chi is with a hanging plant. Pink plants liven up the flow in corners and areas that contain dead space. We love plants with coins or pearls because of their indoor-appropriate rounded leaves. Clean up your air and pretty up your palace with the rosy buds of a hanging plant.

pink plants | mother of pearls coin leaves rounded Feng Shui hanging | Girlfriend is Better
Mother of Pearls variety | Photo courtesy: Homesaholic

Mental Relaxation

Remember our article on pink walls? The soft hues of pink plants capitalize on color psychology and give you a much needed sense of relief. Grab a vintage piece of pottery and plant Imptiens Velvetea into your brain. The calming effects of pink are perfect in bedrooms and meditation spaces.

pink plants | Imptiens Velvetea vintage pottery | Girlfriend is Better
Imptiens Velvetea | Photo courtesy: @lindasleaves via Instagram

Watering Tips

A fittonia is a little tricky to care for but well worth the effort. Most pink plants are suited to rock gardens. They tend to like moist but well-drained soil. Make sure your pinky pie stays nice and hydrated to enjoy their color year round.

pink plants | Fittonia plant care moist soil watering | Girlfriend is Better
Fittonia | Photo courtesy: @plantenfestijin via Instagram

Hand Crafted

Okay, one more paper plant stop before we go. We love pink plants crafted with artistic simplicity. One such artisan, Corrie Beth, has a blog full of such beauties. Take a look at her creations for inspiration and a few DIYs for you handy types. So impressive!

pink plants | paper fittonia leaves diy handcrafted crafts | Girlfriend is Better
Paper Fittonia | Photo courtesy: Corrie Beth

In the Pink

Your health is paramount to your happiness. The real beauty of pink plants is their ability to calm your space and clean your air. Add one to your home or office and get a dose of goodness going in your life.

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